What Apple Should Learn From Google, or Why I Love Google Assistant

The key to the success of the voice assistant is deep integration with the ecosystem. With a sufficiently developed software system, the virtual assistant will be independent of the hardware base and will be able to work on any device, regardless of their type. Google has long understood this and has been successful. However Apple, which has both an extensive range of its own devices and a vast ecosystem, still cannot connect these two components into one. Therefore, Siri, although it is one of the oldest voice assistants on the market, remains one of the most useless and inefficient.

What Apple Should Learn From Google, or Why I Love Google Assistant

Google Assistant beats Siri several times. Just because Apple don't care about your assistant

Let's start with the fact that ecosystems Apple and Google are roughly comparable in terms of the services that shape it. App Store and Google Play, Safari and Google Chrome, Apple Arcade and Google Stadia, Apple Maps and Google Maps. Of course, there are others, but I think you understand the principle. So, if we take and compare the integration of Siri and Google Assistant with each service from a pair in our environment, it turns out that Google has a much better structure than Apple. Let's start in order.

What Google Assistant can do

What Apple Should Learn From Google, or Why I Love Google Assistant

Google Assistant has much more functionality than Siri

  • Google Assistant can refund Google Play purchases, but Siri on the App Store cannot.
  • Google Assistant can read text aloud in Google Chrome, but Siri cannot in Safari.
  • Google Assistant can launch any games from Stadia, but Siri from Apple Arcade cannot;
  • Google Assistant can translate text on signs and banners, but Siri cannot;
  • Google Assistant can recognize objects in the frame, but Siri cannot.

Yes, Siri can build a route in Apple Maps and find the music you need in Apple Music, but these are almost the only scenarios for the collaboration of the corporate assistant Apple and her services. Why? Because Apple it is banal too lazy to do this. I would never believe that Cupertino cannot implement everything that Google has implemented. After all, if third-party developers can connect Siri to their applications by teaching her to send messages to messengers dictated by voice, or transfer money through banking applications, then Apple itself has much more opportunities for integrating a voice assistant and branded services.

Why Google Assistant is better than Siri

What Apple Should Learn From Google, or Why I Love Google Assistant

Google Assistant lets you run games from Stadia, refunds purchases, and more

Just think how convenient it is. Instead of filling out many forms to return a wrongly purchased app like Apple, Google lets me just ask Google Assistant for a refund. Or, for example, instead of manually searching for the desired game as in Apple Arcade, I can simply ask Google Assistant to run the title I like from Stadia for me. What do you think Apple doesn't know the whole range of Apple Arcade? Of course, he knows, and knows how to make it easier to return applications, but for some reason he just doesn't want to do it.

I don’t know about you, but I have been using voice assistants from Google and Yandex for quite some time now, and have no tea in them. Yes, I still feel uncomfortable talking to my smartphone in public, although I'm sure everyone will understand perfectly well that I'm not crazy. However, I still can't get over myself and the feeling of being out of place. Nevertheless, when I am at home, the voice assistant is my main assistant, who looks for the information I need for me, controls the lighting, orders a taxi and, in fact, acts as a personal secretary or concierge, automating many processes. Unfortunately, Apple does not have this and is unlikely to appear in the near future. It's a pity, because now I don't want to use Siri at all.

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