Google announced that it is postponing the release of Android 11 again

Large corporations rarely act spontaneously, usually scheduling all their actions for many months or even years in advance. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the way of life of almost all global companies, leading to the fact that in the end many of them were forced to strongly adjust their plans and even abandon some of them. As a result, almost all events were canceled, prototype development was frozen, and releases were postponed. The launch of the beta test Android 11 was no exception, which was postponed for a whole month, and now it has been moved again. But not because of the coronavirus.

Google announced that it is postponing the release of Android 11 again

Beta Android 11 is delayed again

This morning, Google announced via its official Twitter channel that it is postponing the launch of its beta testing program Android 11, which was due to kick off on June 3, to a later date. According to the company, the reason was the introduction of a state of emergency in the American Minneapolis. It was triggered by massive demonstrations that spilled over into riots against police brutality. Thus, local residents reacted to the brutal detention of a black guard by the police, which subsequently led to his death.

Beta Android 11

Google announced that it is postponing the release of Android 11 again

Android 11 will be released, but with a slight delay

We'd love to share more details on Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate. We decided to postpone the release of the beta version Android 11 and the event dedicated to this event from June 3 to a later date. Very soon we will be back and tell you a lot of interesting things about Android 11, – reported in Google.

As noted by the American media, since May 26, large-scale rallies have been held in Minneapolis, spilling over into riots, pogroms, shooting and arson. For the same reason, many enterprises even moved online broadcasts of their events, and Apple, which had just opened Apple Store, chose to sheathe the glass walls of stores with plywood sheets in order to protect shopping pavilions from pogroms and protect the lives and health of citizens. After all, broken glass can do even more harm to those who break it.

When will Android 11 come out

Google did not give any predictions and promises regarding the timing of the launch of the beta testing program Android 11. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the company does not yet know when the mass protests in Minneapolis will end, whether they will launch they are a wave of new unrest throughout the country, and whether this will lead to the death of people, which will have to introduce national mourning. Still, a popular revolt can really be merciless, and it will be rather difficult to stop it in the shortest possible time.

Google announced that it is postponing the release of Android 11 again

Android 11 will be a very big update

What's new in Android 11

  • Scoped Storage mechanism, which will divide memory into many independent segments so that applications cannot claim each other's data;
  • Hot access to payment cards in Google Pay with the ability to call the service directly to the lock screen by double pressing the power key – by analogy with Apple Pay;
  • Built-in scrolling screenshot function that allows you to capture the entire web page, all chat content and many, many other aspects;
  • An advanced night theme that can automatically turn on and off based on information about daylight hours and the movement of the sun along the horizon;
  • Support for the modular Project Mainline architecture, which will make it possible to distribute monthly security updates through Google Play without the need for adaptation;
  • The history of incoming notifications will appear in the system menu, where the data of all notifications will be saved with the ability to view them even after closing.

However, you shouldn't be upset about the failure of the beta test launch Android 11. The fact is that only a very limited circle of users will still be able to join the preliminary tests of the update. Due to extensive fragmentation, manufacturers who decide to connect their customers to testing will have to adapt each beta build to their own devices, keeping their finger on the pulse round the clock in order to have time to release fresh builds that would work with their proprietary shells without conflict.

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