Watch out Google! Huawei launches its own search engine

No matter how much Google wants to restore relations with Huawei, it is obvious that the Chinese have already taken a bite at the bit and the relationship of companies with each other will hardly be able to get them back on track. It was really hard to believe in it, but Huawei, even under the sanctions, was able to continue to grow and strengthen its position. Otherwise, it simply could not be, because with such persistence as the Chinese, this was the only possible scenario. They quickly entered into contracts with non-American developers, created an alliance with Russian Yandex and managed to turn the local AppGallery application kiosk into a full-fledged store that is really pleasant and convenient to use. But that's not all.

Watch out Google!  Huawei launches its own search engine

Huawei has recently been working on creating its own ecosystem, but it is literally expanding before our eyes

Huawei launched a beta test of its branded search engine called Huawei Search. So far, the early access program operates only in the UAE and several other countries of the Middle East, but it is already working quite well. Yes, this is still not a 'Google Search' with a wide range of supported services and services like Google Lens, Google Maps or Google Podcasts, but even at this stage Huawei Search offers users, in addition to the search function itself, more and access to pictures, videos, news and weather.

Own search engine Huawei

Watch out Google!  Huawei launches its own search engine

Own search from Huawei means Chinese are no longer going to go back to Google

Notably, the search results Huawei Search do not match any of the popular search engines from Google, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Bing, Ask, Yahoo or AOL. This gives reason to think that the Chinese have heavily reworked the decision of one of the partners, or they are using their own system, which is registered in Ireland and has passed GDPR certification. This means that it complies with the requirements of the European Union for working with personal data of users. Obviously, this was necessary to launch a search service in the EU and other countries outside of China.

Of course, it is too early to talk about any competition with Yandex, Google or Microsoft, since this requires a comparable audience, but Huawei does not. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the Chinese company is still at the beginning of its journey and as the branded search service develops, it will be able to make it a full-fledged alternative to more eminent services. Well, if we consider that the necessary finances for this and, which is important, the desire Huawei is, it is possible that in the foreseeable future we will witness the consolidation of the Chinese company in the search engine market.

Will Huawei survive without Google

Despite the fact that the management Huawei has repeatedly made statements of dubious content, which caused laughter from the journalists of thematic publications and former partners of the company, and then took back their words, it is obvious that this is just an image that members of top management created for themselves on purpose. After all, it is much easier to pretend to be a short-sighted leader who does not know much about business than to try to keep face in frankly difficult conditions and try to resist competitors even at the dawn of the development of a new product, when this is completely useless.

If at the end of last year I was not sure which path it would take Huawei, now it is quite clear to me that the company decided to go free floating. This is indicated by the swiftness with which the Chinese are developing those products that they either simply did not have before, or they had, but existed purely for show. AppGallery, Huawei Mobile Services, Huawei Video, Huawei Pay, Huawei Cloud, geolocation service is just a small list of what Huawei has been able to develop from low-profile services into full-fledged and almost self-sufficient products. Therefore, I would not be surprised if soon Huawei really captures many new spheres of influence and becomes the third giant along with Apple and Google.

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