Voice recorder in Digma smartphones

Voice recorder recording Digma smartphones have a built-in standard voice recorder, which does not differ in an abundance of functionality. In fact, there are only three buttons here: Record Start, Pause and Stop.


By default, audio recordings have a unique name: “record….”

The audio file format changes depending on the recording quality (low, medium, high). To set the quality, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Recording Quality”.

  • Low quality – .amr file extension
  • Medium quality – file extension .3gpp
  • High quality – .3gpp file extension.

Unfortunately, there is no mp3 recording in the standard voice recorder. Alternatively, install a third-party voice recorder from the Play Store if you especially need this format.

After saving the voice recording, browse the list of available ones, click on the list icon below.

List of records

All recordings from the voice recorder are stored here: Files – View – Audio – Recording.

List of audio recordings

Physically in the phone (if you connect it to a laptop via a cable), files are stored in the folder: Internal storage – Recording.

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