Using data on Samsung, saving traffic

Mobile traffic The Data Usage option shows statistics on the use of mobile traffic and Wi-Fi data. This is very useful when your data plan does not have unlimited internet.

Where can I see traffic statistics?

Go to Settings – Connections – Data Usage.

Traffic statistics for Samsung

As you can see, the use of mobile traffic for the last month is 0 megabytes (I used only wi-fi). At the same time, I have a warning about the use of traffic in excess of the set threshold of 2 GB. This is necessary in order not to drain all the money on the phone (and in international roaming, it does not go into a huge minus). When the threshold of 2 GB of traffic for the last month is reached, the system will issue a warning. And then you can switch to home wi-fi.

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Saving traffic

If you have a limited mobile internet package, I advise you to enable this option. The service limits the transmission and reception of data in the background for some selected applications. In addition, programs that use the Internet will be able to access mobile traffic less frequently than usual. For example, when you open a site, images will not load until you touch them.

It's easy to enable traffic savings. In the Data Usage menu – Save traffic.

Saving traffic to Samsung

Additionally, you can specify applications that will not be affected by this restriction, i.e. they will continue to use mobile traffic indefinitely. To do this, go to the “Using applications while saving traffic” menu and activate the necessary programs.

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Use of mobile data

Here, in the data usage settings, you can set the payment frequency (according to the operator's tariff plan) for the convenience of generating statistics on the use of mobile traffic. This is usually the 1st day of each month.

Payment period

The next option is “Overflow warning”. Set the value based on the Internet package on your tariff plan. I have 2 GB per month. When the threshold is reached, an overrun warning pops up.

Excessive traffic

Accordingly, you can turn off the mobile Internet when the threshold is reached. The option below “Limit traffic” is responsible for this. Those. when 2GB is reached this month, mobile data usage will be disabled.

You can skip this option, but immediately set the traffic limitation, for example, 4 GB.

Limiting traffic

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Wi-Fi data usage

Here, the menu displays statistics of data transmission over the wireless network Wi-Fi for the last 28 days. At the same time, it is written which applications used up how much traffic. Most of them will be youtube, just like me.

Wi-Fi data usage

Further, each program can be configured to use traffic. Just tap on the application, a new window will open.

Wifi traffic usage

We can prevent the application from using mobile traffic in the background. And additionally allow receiving / transmitting mobile data, even if traffic saving is enabled. I do not recommend enabling this option.

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Network restrictions

This option allows you to prevent applications running in the background from using selected wireless Wi-Fi networks. Apps will also display warnings before using these networks to download large amounts of data (torrents, for example).

Better not to bother with this option at all.

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