Google Pay supports new banks in Russia. Find your

When I started paying for purchases with my phone, I immediately realized how convenient it is. It became a kind of new level, where I no longer had to take my wallet or even just a bank card with me. Leaving the house to the store, I did not think about how not to forget something. You simply cannot leave without keys, and the phone usually goes into your pocket before you leave the house. We are so used to it that unlike many other things, it is simply impossible to forget it. This is how I started using Google Pay. Now several more banks have connected to the service. Should you start using it if you haven't already?

Google Pay supports new banks in Russia.  Find your

It's more convenient to pay than cash.

New banks started working with Google Pay

The good news for all contactless payment lovers in the world is that now they can use cards from new banks with their smartphones. True, only two new credit institutions have appeared for Russia. In total, 29 supported banks in 22 countries were added.

The new banks that have joined the Google Pay family are the Public Joint Stock Company 'Rosgosstrakh Bank' and the BSI. It is difficult to call them the most popular, since in the rating of banks by the number of assets, they are respectively only 78th and 142nd out of 362 credit institutions.

Considering how many banks Google Pay works with, this is not surprising.

What cards does Google Pay support?

All payment services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and applications like Wallet, which now supports card payments on smartphones Huawei, work with the banks they have agreed with.

In addition to agreeing with the bank, you also need to agree with the payment system. That is why many banks offer to connect only Visa or only MasterCard.

Google Pay is no exception. The company also negotiates with banks each time on different terms. However, in the list posted on the Google Pay site, you can see which banks are supported and which are not. The above “newbies” are also on this list. Since they have just connected, it makes sense that they are at the very bottom of the table.

It is worth studying the list in detail only if you have a very rare bank. In other cases, you should not worry. All major banks are perfectly supported by Google Pay. Among them are Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff, Rosselkhozbank, MTS Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Ak Bars and many others.

Google Pay supports new banks in Russia.  Find your

A small part of those banks that support Google Pay.

Should you use Google Pay

For myself, I have long ago decided that I will always use the opportunity to pay for purchases with my phone. It is not only fast and convenient, but also reliable.

It is very difficult to forget the phone and it is always at hand. No need to go into your bag or wallet to pay. Plus, you can immediately see in the application how much money you have left or how much you spent somewhere before.

The only problem, which, however, occurs less and less often, is the registration of the return. Previously, there were frequent cases when the application indicated the number of the card with which you paid, and you had to show it exactly. But the card number indicated on the check did not match the numbers on the card itself.

Now this problem is solved by the fact that you will be asked to attach the phone to the terminal as during the payment. You will then receive a refund. The return time depends on the relationship between your bank and the bank that services the seller's accounts.

Google Pay supports new banks in Russia.  Find your

Paying in this way is not only convenient, but also safe.

Even if this does not work and a very stubborn cashier of the century before last will demand from you exactly the card with the number indicated in the documents, you can simply say that you have lost the card. In this case, a statement is written that the card has been lost, and the return must be made to another card. It is not necessary to describe everything in the application in detail and filling it out takes just a couple of minutes. This is much faster than proving something to someone.

How to use Google Pay

If you haven’t used Google Pay yet, but want to get started, then this is no big deal. To do this, you just need to download the Google Pay application to your smartphone that has NFC. Usually all smartphones with this feature allow you to pay for purchases with your phone.

After the application is downloaded from Google Play, you will need to open it and click “Configure”. After that, all that remains is to fill in all the fields and confirm the actions.

An additional plus is that you can add a lot of discount and bonus cards to Google Pay. So even more will be at hand. And in one place.

Google Pay supports new banks in Russia.  Find your

It's that easy to add a card to Google Pay.

If you have not used this payment method yet, be sure to try it. Everyone who has already tried it is still using it. At least of those I know. If you know why you shouldn't use Google Pay, traditionally write about it in our Telegram chat or in the comments to this article.

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