We will see a lot of foldable smartphones this year. Galaxy Fold 2 will be!

Last year we saw the first new generation smartphone, which not only went beyond the walls of research centers, but also went on sale. I'm talking about foldable smartphones. Or, as they are also called, folding, continuing the controversy of a half-empty and half-full glass. It's always nice to see something new, otherwise the eternal races of “megapixels” and parrots in benchmarks are already a little tired. As usual, any technology should get widespread if it is really interesting. So it will be with the “clamshell”. I will say more, we have reason to believe that this year we will see at least 4-5 such smartphones.

We will see a lot of foldable smartphones this year.  Galaxy Fold 2 will be!

Galaxy Fold 2 variants.

When will the foldable smartphone come out?

You will say that I am fantasizing and who can release so many smartphones, and I will answer that perhaps there will be even more! Do not forget that this is a trend now and many manufacturers want to ride the wave of this trend itself. Of course, Samsung is still headlining and to a lesser extent Huawei.

Let me remind you that a little earlier we already wrote that Nokia is preparing to release its foldable smartphone. If rumors are to be believed, most likely it will be presented this year, but the series will most likely go either at the end of this or next. In any case, if the rumors are true, the new product will be no later than MWC 2021.

We will see a lot of foldable smartphones this year.  Galaxy Fold 2 will be!

NOKIA 8110. There were times.

This news is very interesting, since Nokia, together with Motorola, at one time very poorly prepared for the transition to the era of smartphones and lost their positions that were leading. Many people remember the times when it was very cool to say “I have Nokia”. This is not the case now, but perhaps times will change again.

Again Motorola decided not to miss her chance, but she went even further. In the US, orders are already being taken for the new Razr, a foldable smartphone that will be the grandson of the legendary Razr from the mid-2000s.

The first buyers should start receiving their smartphones as early as mid-January. By the way, it is possible that Samsung decided to make the Z Flip exactly on the wave of rumors about a new Motorola, which suggested a rethinking of the design.

We will see a lot of foldable smartphones this year.  Galaxy Fold 2 will be!

Motorola Razr

As a result, we already have at least three smartphones that should appear or at least be presented this year. But there is another smartphone that simply cannot be missing.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Say what, but the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip, the release of which no one doubts, and the existing Galaxy Fold are completely different smartphones. One is a rethinking of an ordinary modern smartphone with an elongated screen, but in a more compact folding case, and the second makes it possible to combine a smartphone and a small tablet in one case. Both have the right to life and are promising in their own way. At least until the folding device market settles down, there is no need to talk about the priority of any design.

Based on this, we can safely assume that the second generation of “fold” should be. Moreover, he does not need fundamental changes. It is enough to update the hardware, work on the design a little and modify the screen, if new technologies are already available. This shouldn't be a problem for Samsung. But the company will have two actual smartphones with a folding display at once. So she really becomes an innovator.

Perhaps this smartphone will be presented in September-October, that is, about a year after the final release of the first generation. So the company will be able to slightly dilute the new product with the Galaxy Note and reduce the level of internal competition.

We will see a lot of foldable smartphones this year.  Galaxy Fold 2 will be!

Smartphones move technology forward, it's too early to 'throw away' such a model. We must give her another chance.

Although, simultaneous presentation is also possible. So, according to the dynamics of sales, it will be possible to understand why the public is “voting with the ruble”. Perhaps we ourselves did not notice how time has come to abandon monoblocks in favor of clamshells.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the second generation Galaxy Fold. This is a concept that needs to be tested and implemented more actively.

Who makes foldable smartphones?

As you can see, there are already four smartphones, the release of which, of course, is not necessary, but logical. Against this background, I would like to recall Huawei. Of course, the company has difficulties, but why not release some, albeit cosmetic, reissue of their Huawei Mate X?

Such a move would be logical. It is enough to make small changes and you can type well on HYIP. Moreover, if you do everything carefully, you can even save Google services in order to sell this smartphone not only in China. It is also possible that a similar smartphone will be released under the brand Honor, as is often the case with some models.

Don't forget about the BBK Big Three (OPPO, VIVO, OnePlus). I do not really believe in the imminent release of the clamshell from them, but I do not exclude such a possibility. Moreover, it is not necessary to release it immediately. I just need to say that he will be and everyone will wait for him at least a year. This may well happen at MWC 2020. An example of such a move was from OPPO, which last year showed OPPO Reno 10X ZOOM at the conference. During the demo, only the technology was talked about, and the smartphone appeared a couple of months later.

In any case, it will be interesting, and at least manufacturers will try to play around with clamshells. Even if the idea turns out to be dead, we still get an interesting rivalry. We love it so much. The only pity is that it does not happen so often.

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