Updating software on your phone and tablet

Update software on your phone Software updates improve the functionality and performance of the device, add new features, close security holes and minor bugs (bugs).

It is enough to spend time once and set up the process of automatic updating of system components and applications on your phone / tablet, so as not to remember this in the future.

Let's go to Settings> Software Update.

Updating software on your phone

Downloading the update manually. If you do not trust the system of automatic download and installation of updates, search and install updates manually.

Check for software updates

But I recommend enabling automatic software downloads over Wi-Fi. In this case, mobile traffic is not consumed, you are not wasting money. And home Internet via Wi-Fi is usually unlimited. You can continue to use your device while downloading and installing updates. Sometimes a reboot will be required – usually after major system updates.

Scheduled software updates. To prevent system updates from interfering with phone use or draining the battery, set the update time, for example at night when you sleep and the phone is plugged into a power outlet.

Scheduled software updates

Don't forget to update your phone or tablet in time. So you protect yourself from possible hacking, viruses, and your device will work better.

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