The WhatsApp beta for Android has a night theme. How to turn on

For a long time, the night theme was one of the key topics that users discussed and developers tried to implement. It seems that not even a week has passed without us writing about the possibility of changing the color scheme of the interface in the next application by transferring the design to dark tones. Surprisingly, it was these materials that were most popular with our readers, who, with genuine joy, rushed to activate the night theme at home. However, over time, this topic has exhausted itself and has ceased to interest well, almost everyone. Except for WhatsApp users.

The WhatsApp beta for Android has a night theme.  How to turn on

WhatsApp finally has a night theme

Despite the fact that rumors about the appearance of the night theme in WhatsApp have been circulating for quite a long time, the developers have only now decided to implement it, and then only in the test version of the messenger. Most likely, the whole point is that the innovation is subject to additional tests with the participation of a wide range of users who may notice certain flaws. After all, contrary to popular belief, in order to implement a night theme into an application, it is not enough just to write it in its code, but it is necessary to redraw many interface elements that may not be seen against a dark background.

Where to download the beta WhatsApp

The WhatsApp beta for Android has a night theme.  How to turn on

For now, the night theme is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp

If you can't wait to try out the night theme in WhatsApp for Android, you will have to install the beta version of the messenger, since the developers do not put any obstacles to it. This can be done in two ways: legal and not entirely legal. The first provides for mandatory registration in the beta testing program. To do this, you need to follow this link and confirm your participation, after which you will be offered a link to download a test version of WhatsApp from Google Play. True, be prepared for the fact that it will replace the release one and you will have to leave the program for castling back.

The second way is easier. It involves the banal installation of an APK file of a test version of WhatsApp, which the developers were able to isolate. It can be downloaded from this link. But here you also need to be prepared for the fact that its installation will replace the already installed messenger. And in order to return everything as it was, you need to remove the beta version and install the usual one from Google Play. This option is not much simpler than the first, but it requires the installation of a potentially unsafe APK file. Therefore, personally, I would recommend using the first one.

How to enable night theme in WhatsApp

  • To enable the night theme in WhatsApp manually, launch the messenger and go to the context menu;
  • Open 'Settings' and find the 'Chats' section;

The WhatsApp beta for Android has a night theme.  How to turn on

Left – light theme, right – night

  • In the window that opens, go to the 'Themes' tab and activate the dark theme;
  • On smartphones with Android 10, the night theme in WhatsApp will turn on when the system night theme is activated.

It's hard for me to judge how comfortable the night theme is for perception. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but the dark colors of the interface make my eyes water and not only do not soothe them, but, on the contrary, only make it worse. Therefore, the only scenario in which the use of a night theme can be justified is energy savings. The fact is that AMOLED – screens practically do not apply voltage to those LEDs that are responsible for displaying dark colors, due to which the autonomy of the smartphone increases quite significantly.

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