The message in Watsapp was read, but the person did not enter. How is this possible?

Whatsapp is the most popular messenger used by everyone. If you want to contact a person, but do not want to call him, write in WhatsApp. Even if you did not agree on this, most likely, it is installed on both you and your interlocutor. You will not find such acceptance with any other messenger. What is strange, because WhatsApp is far from the most convenient and logical messaging service. But since the option to refuse it is not worth it, it means that it will conduct an educational program.


It turns out that you need to pay attention not only to checkmarks, but also to their color.

I think everyone knows what the checkmarks under the messages that you send to someone through the messenger mean. One check mark – the message has been delivered, two check marks – the message has been read. Thus, you can find out whether a person has read the message or not. It may not be very confidential, but it is very convenient. But in WhatsApp, this system is arranged somewhat differently than in all other instant messengers. I was convinced of this from my own experience and decided to share my observations with you.

How to understand that a message in WhatsApp has been read

Correspondence in WhatsApp

On the left, checkmarks are gray, and on the right, blue. Blue check marks represent actual read messages

It turns out that in WhatsApp a double check mark is not an indication to read the message. Now I am selling my apartment and most of the communication with the buyer is carried out through WhatsApp. Here we agree on dates, agree on the conditions that we will include in the contract, exchange documents and generally solve all organizational issues. But if until yesterday my interlocutor answered quite briskly, then yesterday he disappeared somewhere. Rather, he read the messages, but did not bother to answer them.

At first I was a little offended. After all, if you don't want or are not ready to answer me, just don't read. I will understand that you are busy and will calmly wait for you to be free, but since you took the time to go to WhatsApp and read my messages, write at least something. For example, what will you give an answer later. But there was no answer. Therefore, at some point, I caught myself scrolling aimlessly through our dialogue, trying to pick out some hidden hints in the buyer's messages that would indicate to me that he could refuse the deal. And I found it. True, not quite what I was looking for.

The message in the whatsapp is read, but the checkmarks are gray

WhatsApp app

WhatsApp can sometimes be too difficult for the average user to understand.

First, I found that the customer did not log into WhatsApp after I sent them my messages. And, secondly, the check marks with which WhatsApp marks the shipments have a different color. Under the messages that I received an answer to, they are colored blue, and those to which I never got a response are gray. Therefore, I turned to Google and found out that the messages that the user just got out on the lock screen, but which he did not read in the messenger itself, are marked with gray ticks.

It turns out that my customer actually didn't even read the messages and didn't actually log into WhatsApp. Perhaps he saw them on the lock screen and decided that he would give an answer later, or perhaps he did not even pay attention to them. But, one way or another, after a few hours I still waited for an answer and was satisfied with it. Another thing is that at first the messenger raised my nerves, forcing me to think badly about a person because of its strange nomenclature used to indicate read messages.

Moral: have patience.

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