Service Android Auto: connection to car, settings, possibilities

Service Android Auto Service Android Auto allows you to use the capabilities of the Android operating system in your car (on the radio): navigation, launching multimedia files, receiving messages, voice control. Unfortunately, not all car brands support this service, the list of cars is limited.


The service ensures safety while driving – you no longer need to look at your phone while moving along the map. Simple interface and controls, built-in steering wheel controls (not on all car brands) and voice commands. You don't even need to press anything, just give the command with your voice, and the service will do it (For example, pave the way to the bus station).

Android Auto

In fact, on the screen of the radio, you see the screen of your smartphone. Incoming messages are visible, you can answer incoming calls. At the same time, navigation is always active + there are built-in voice prompts. The detailed Google map is taken as a basis, download the necessary area to your phone before the trip, so as not to use the Internet while roaming. The maps contain information about traffic jams, parking places are indicated.

Navigation and Google Maps

The application has support for Google Play music and video so that your trip is not boring (you need the Internet to work).

Google Play Music Support

While on the road, you can communicate, write messages and call selected contacts using voice commands.

Communication using voice commands

Android Auto allows you to run some applications on your car radio that are installed on your phone. The list of programs is not so big (about 60), look in the Play Store in the section “Applications for Android Auto“.

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What do you need to work?

For the application Android Auto to work, the smartphone must have Android version 5.0 or higher. When the phone is connected to the auto system, the program will show the application on the car radio screen. It is advisable to connect via a USB cable – this way the smartphone will also be recharged, but you can also use bluetooth.

  1. Install the application to your phone.
  2. Download maps and other apps from Play Store that work with Android Auto.
  3. Connect the phone to the car system (via cable or bluetooth).
  4. Use the apps you need on the go.

Service Android Auto supports more than 400 car models, among them there are no domestic cars. A complete list of cars can be viewed on the website –

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