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Phone contacts Any phone has a notebook with a list of contacts. You can use a standard application or “Google contacts”. This application is described later in the article.

You can sync your phone contacts with the Google cloud storage through the Google Contacts app. Those. you get access to your contacts from any device, just log into your Google account + protection against losing contacts, even if the phone is stolen, it falls into the water or stops turning on.

Basic settings for Google contacts:

  • Your information – information about the owner of the phone (name, address, phone number).
  • Accounts – which Google account to use for the contact list (remember, they will be copied to the cloud).
  • Sort the list: by first name or last name.
  • First name and last name format – write first name or last name in the contact name.
  • Theme of design: light, dark or in accordance with the energy saving settings (recommended).
  • Account for new contacts – where to save new contacts, specify the device.
  • Name transcription: always show or hide an empty field.
  • Import contacts – transfer other people's contacts to your phone or copy contacts from the SIM card to the phone's memory. In the first case, copy the VCF file to your phone, select it from the menu and unpack it to your phone. In the second, select the SIM card from which you want to transfer contacts (you can select it manually). Importing contacts
  • Export contacts – to transfer all your contacts to another device. Create a file with the .vcf extension and click “save”. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder. Export contacts
  • Delete interaction data. All information about how often you communicate with other users will be deleted from your phone. It is saved on your phone or tablet when you call, exchange sms and send emails. Call log, contacts, messages, email will not be deleted. Delete interaction data
  • Blocking calls and sms. Here you can block any phone number and no longer receive messages and calls from it. Just click “Add number”. Block number

Results. We have learned how to synchronize our contacts with the cloud (Google Drive) and block any phone number, we examined the import / export of contacts.

P.S. You can use several accounts in contacts at the same time, changing them if necessary. And each account will have its own list of contacts. For example, a work account – here only work contacts, a family account – numbers of relatives, etc.

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