Improving camera quality on Android phones and tablets

Camera enhancement for Android devices Improved camera for Android. It is with this formulation of the problem that dozens of topics can be found on specialized forums and specialized sites. For some users, focusing does not work, for others – the self-timer, for others – the flash.

Mobile device manufacturers often spend very little time improving their built-in cameras. In their opinion, a smartphone is a phone with many modern functions and Internet access. And the camera … Yes, there is it. But that's just a bonus.

In today's review, we will consider a program that I rightfully consider one of the best among the software, in the name of which there is “Camera”.

Installing HD Camera App for Android

There are a great many applications in this category on Google Play virtual shelves. Just enter the word “Camera” in the search bar and the store will display several dozen of the same type of programs.

The best camera for Android according to thousands of users of modern gadgets is an HD camera for Android. Let's check together if this is so.

Follow the link and install the application into the memory of the mobile device.

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Camera enhancement for Android: Video

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Setting up the HD Camera app for Android

At the first start, the program will unobtrusively ask the user whether to save information about the shooting location along with future images.

Saving location information

How to answer this question is up to you. We go to the main application window and see a completely standard interface design. Simple and concise.

Interface design

The opening of the main parameters of the program is carried out by clicking on the area of ​​the screen marked with a circle.

Opening the main parameters of the program

In the same step, you can call the HD Camera settings menu. Just click on the center icon.

Settings menu

As you can see, the most significant elements of the photography process are collected here: geolocation, self-timer, presets and much more. By combining these options, you can not only speed up the photography of a particular subject, but also significantly improve the quality of the resulting images.

For example, the size of the final image does not always mean its excellent quality. Set exactly the parameters that you really need at the moment.

Setting image parameters

Or automatic shutter release. With this feature, you can always get ready for the upcoming shoot.

Automatic descent

By the way, switching cameras in the application is not entirely successful: to do this, you will constantly have to go to the main HD Camera menu for Android.

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How to use the front camera on Android

In principle, there are no special differences between cameras in the program. The same menu, the same settings, the same functionality. Just set the front camera as your main camera and take pictures of yourself.

Photo taken by the front camera on android

In conclusion of our review, let us dwell on one more advantage of the described application. The developers have included in the HD Camera for Android, distributed completely free of charge, also a video mode.

Movie mode

It is worth noting that the program shoots video in pretty good quality. If we talk about the video mode settings, then they are much poorer, but, in principle, even they are enough for normal operation.

Video mode settings

In any case, whether you adjust the camera for yourself or not, even with the standard HD Camera options for Android will surprise you with the quality of the resulting images.

Image quality

What I would like to say in the final paragraph of this article. The quality of the standard camera system Android is far from perfect. There are many ways to improve it programmatically, but that means fixing the program's source code. Wouldn't it be easier to replace it with a third-party application? For example, on HD Camera for Android.

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