Why iPhone SE 2 wouldn't be so cool with Android on board

We have already talked more than once about the new iPhone SE2, which made quite a stir last week with its relatively sudden appearance. There really was something to tell, because the novelty costs suspiciously little for iPhone and for its characteristics. For myself, I came to the conclusion that this particular smartphone can make other manufacturers think very seriously about what is happening and start making changes to their products in the direction of improving performance or decreasing cost. There is just one “but” in which iPhone SE 2 would not have such rosy prospects. If you want, he wouldn't have a killer feature.

Why iPhone SE 2 wouldn't be so cool with Android on board

iPhone SE 2 was expected by many earlier, but it came out as never before.

First of all, the new iPhone SE 2 can be called the beginning of a new pricing policy Apple. When the company released the first generation of this smartphone, it cost not much less than the top-end iPhone. Now the price is so much lower than the most expensive model that it reaches three times the level. As for the flagships on Android, the difference is even greater. In the days of the first generation, you could buy a flagship at Android for its price. Now – only a very average apparatus.

With the arrival of the iPhone SE 2, we can now say that it is cheaper than any OnePlus model this and last year. Naturally, at the time of release. It turns out that Apple ran away from the Chinese, and when they almost caught up, she came from the rear.

At the same time iPhone SE 2 does not pretend to be the flagships of other manufacturers in the capacity competition. Even with iPhone 11 Pro, he definitely won't be able to compete, but he doesn't need it – he acts more subtly. Such concessions from the side of Android – smartphones would be unforgivable, but Apple is a completely different matter.

Imagine a smartphone released in 2020 with a single camera, small screen, huge bezels and 64 GB of memory for 40,000 rubles. Who would have gotten away with this? Try to imagine that, for example, a Samsung smartphone is selling for less than $ 400, with a good processor, but with a 2018 design. How many people need it?

Xiaomi Mi The 9T Pro and OnePlus 7T offer more than 64GB of storage, have multiple main camera modules, OLED displays, do without huge bezels and also run on top-end processors.

Why iPhone SE 2 wouldn't be so cool with Android on board

Last year's OnePlus flagships cost the same as iPhone SE 2 and work just as well.

There is, however, a model that does not claim to be a super-flagship, but follows the same path that it eventually chose Apple. Google, six months after the presentation of the main device, releases its available version. It features a wide bezel LCD screen, one photo sensor, 64GB storage, but also a less powerful chip than the Bionic A13 (Snapdragon 670). It also lacks wireless charging and water resistance.

The only exception was that the Pixel 3a's camera literally worked wonders, delivering performance worthy of the most expensive models on the market. Many people see the camera as the main characteristic of a smartphone. Let's see what iPhone SE has and how it handles the photos.

Why, then, would Samsung fall down in all the ratings if it released such a smartphone, and Apple evokes nothing but applause and respect? Why Apple might and others not?

Remember that iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are the best-selling smartphones of 2019 according to Counterpoint Research.

Why iPhone SE 2 wouldn't be so cool with Android on board

From the very first day of its appearance, OnePlus has been compared with iPhone.

It turns out that Apple is primarily selling their operating system, which is packaged in their smartphones. As a result, even a device, the real value of which is not so high, captivates with its approach and its operating system. By approach, I mean that the company doesn't give you a bunch of options and you don't have to think about how much RAM you need.

It's like selling a car in several versions that differ only in engine power. Everything becomes clear and very simple to the user. There is no unnecessary, distracting information.

It also seems that the moment has come when Apple has gained a serious advantage in terms of smartphone components. I mean, she makes her own processors, which she doesn't have to buy from anyone and share the profits with. While Qualcomm is asking for more and more money for its Snapdragon, Apple only meets its needs and saves a lot on it. This behavior of Qualcomm is in some way due to the market situation. It is essentially a monopolist. Exynos is not needed by anyone, Kirin is only on Huawei and Honor, which sales are falling. MediaTek that is still a competitor, and chips from Apple are used only in iPhone.

The conclusion is simple! It is still too early to try to predict the future, but there is a feeling that Apple, due to its software products, can crush an even larger market share. For this she has everything. And if iPhone had OS Android, this would definitely not have happened. After all, MacBooks are valued for more than looks. And the components in it are standard, but only Apple can make these components work.

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