Microsoft will issue antivirus for Android and iOS. Here are the funny ones!

The company Microsoft has been particularly enthusiastic about mobile products lately. For example, it recently released a standalone Office application with embedded Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Although the application only acted as a wrapper over three existing solutions, it is still a sign of attention towards users Android and iOS. The company thus makes it clear that it cares – the guys and Redmond are interested in the development of their own services for ordinary consumers.

Microsoft will issue antivirus for Android and iOS.  Here are the funny ones!

Microsoft will release its own antivirus on iOS and Android

By the way, this is how the updated office looks like:

Many have said more than once, but I repeat, videos from Microsoft are better than the products themselves. But the company does not stop there and in the near future plans to present its own antivirus Defender on iOS and Android. The company does not currently have its own smartphones, but no one stops it from launching services on competitors' platforms. And why not release an antivirus in this case? In addition, on Google Play you can indeed find viruses and applications that spy on users.

So, just yesterday, Google removed from the store more than 600 applications that abused advertising. We are talking about advertising at a moment unexpected for the user, which leads to a visit to the advertising link, regardless of whether the owner of the device wants it or not. It is also interesting that the remote applications were downloaded 4.5 billion times, and their developers were companies from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Microsoft is a software giant, so the wishes of the guys to make money on software are understandable. Why Microsoft release your own iPhone or your own Pixel when other companies are doing well? In addition, they do not restrict Microsoft in the release of applications for Android and iOS.

Against the background of constant news about viruses and similar things related to applications on Google Play, Microsoft decided to release its own antivirus.

'They are sufficiently protected, but' sufficient 'does not mean complete protection. Malicious software appears on these platforms. People can get malware embedded in apps that are on Google Play – the official app repository for Android, 'said Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President Microsoft. He also noted that applications can adjust outwardly to normal, and at the same time steal user data, such as email addresses, passwords and credit card information. Even so, the Defender from Microsoft can help companies make the use of Android and iOS by their employees safer.

Microsoft is also offered by Intune. It is a cloud-based service for managing workers' PCs, smartphones and tablets. Lefferts noted that in the case of the Defender, it is about safety, not about management. And Defender will help keep your employees safe from malware.

According to the vice president Microsoft, the company is counting on the business, and not on the mass consumer. In this case, of course, there are no questions to the company. However, I still don't fully understand why they should release an antivirus for platforms where malware is practically not found? Google is also constantly tightening security measures, and today it is very unlikely that unwanted software will get into the company's application repository. And about iOS I am completely silent. I don't remember ever having viral applications on this platform.

Of course, applications can, for example, silently send your data to Chinese servers without showing that it is spying on you. There are a lot of such applications that are not obviously engaged in tracking on Google Play and the App Store, and if Microsoft it would be possible to somehow monitor the information that leaves the smartphone through Defender, it would be nice.

I wonder how you feel about this? Are you ready to use antivirus from Microsoft? Share your opinion in the comments and read us on Telegram.

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