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ChromeAccording to statistics, quite a few fans have gained a browser on the platform Windows from manufacturers Google called Chrome. Perhaps you are reading this article while sitting with this browser. And this is not surprising, since this product itself turned out to be faster and less demanding in terms of characteristics, compared to its competitors.

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But what about mobile platforms? The fact is that there is a Google browser for Android, which will be good news for many people.

By default, many modern Android devices already have it in the system, like a standard browser. But if suddenly someone does not have it, then you can install Google Chrome on Android from Google Play.

Installing Chrome

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Google Chrome for Android: Video

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The mobile browser interface itself is very similar to Chrome for Windows. It contains all the same page bookmarks from the top, which, if desired, can be removed to save space on the display (very convenient for phone owners), the same line for entering the address and even the exact same start window with the Google logo and icons of the most sites you visit frequently, under this very logo. It also offers to translate foreign-language sites into the language that you have installed on your device.

start page Google.ruTabs

You can also synchronize the mobile version with the desktop version, which means that your bookmarks, passwords and history will be displayed the same on both versions.


But in essence, these are all coincidences. The rest here is tailored and designed for use on a mobile device. For example, added a very nice feature called 'Traffic Control' which is missing for Windows.

The developer assures that when this mode is enabled, the user will save up to 50% of traffic and pages will load faster with a weak connection. It will be very convenient for those who have a fixed Internet, and not unlimited. To enable this feature, you need to click on the “Operations” button, go to Settings / Advanced / Traffic control and 'Enable'.

Settings Traffic

Also, if a mobile version of the page exists on some site, then Chrome will load the mobile page, this is done for more convenient control on phones, if the user wants to use a regular (full) page of the site, then you need to go to Operations and put check the box next to 'Full version'.

Full version

But there is one more difference from the desktop version. You will not be able to open sites on it and view elements that are built on Flash, while some other browser can open and read these elements. This is because the Flash plugin is not supported in chrome for Android.

One way or another, despite the fact that plugins for Google Chrome Android are not supported, this does not prevent you from watching online videos on various sites, using online players to play music, since Chrome supports HTML5. It is all these qualities that bring Google Chrome for Android to the role of the main browser.

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