Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

Huawei is a company that you want to respect and set an example. Despite the fact that the United States imposed sanctions on her and generally made a lot of efforts to, if not remove her from the market, then at least greatly complicate her life, she was able not only to stay afloat, but also to benefit from what happened. As a result, the Chinese improved their financial performance compared to the previous year, created a competitor to Google Play, and even presented several interesting new products, each of which I would buy without hesitation. Almost.

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

Huawei held another presentation despite coronavirus

How Huawei Mate X differs from Mate Xs

No, this is not Huawei Mate X, which Huawei introduced a year ago, and then forgot about it for more than six months and pretended that it did not exist. Before you is the second generation of the company's foldable smartphone, which, according to the assurances of the Chinese, is better than its predecessor in everything.

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

Huawei Mate XS has changed internally, but externally remains almost identical to Mate X

Here they twisted the hardware, equipping the novelty with a Kirin 990 processor, improved the hinge, which now has a more reliable and compact design, and also expanded the functionality of the device. Here you have an advanced cooling system, and support 5G, and an ultra-sensitive Leica camera, which consists of four modules of 40, 16 and 8 megapixels. The fourth role is played by the ToF sensor, which is responsible for measuring the depth.

Should you buy Huawei Mate Xs

Everything about it is good, but I, as a consumer, have a question: how should I understand all this, looking at Huawei Mate Xs? Of course, I can read the brochure that comes with the kit. But like this, live, how am I supposed to understand that this is a new and improved generation? It turns out that in no way. After all, the novelty has exactly the same appearance as its predecessor, and this, in my opinion, is far from the best choice. It doesn't even have Google services like the 'old man'.

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

The foldable display Huawei of the Mate Xs is still covered with a plastic sticker and glares like a mirror

Therefore, even if we forget about the dubious reliability of such a form factor, it will be quite difficult to get rid of negative associations. Still, the first Mate X today is perceived as an under-innovation, which was released to people with a delay, and then they still did not manage to launch it globally. However, this time the Chinese promise to take into account their mistakes and release Huawei Mate Xs to the world market. It will be sold at a price of 2499 euros, which is quite a lot, considering that we are slipping the same Mate X. After all, personally I still do not really understand why it is so necessary and what to do with it? Especially against the backdrop of our next hero.

Best analogue iPad Pro on Android

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

Huawei MatePad Pro is similar to iPad Pro, but much more functional than it

Much more interesting from the point of view of appearance and prospects, in my opinion, looks like Huawei MatePad Pro. This is a new tablet that the Chinese have released and I really like it. To be honest, looking at it, I even want to change my iPad Pro – the novelty looks so great. The MatePad Pro has a 10.8-inch display, 2K resolution, 540 nits brightness and occupies 90% of the front panel, and the front camera is inscribed in a small island-style notch in the upper left corner. You don't even pay attention to it on such a big screen. As a result, you get the feeling that you are working with one continuous display.

Huawei tried to make not just a tablet, which most people perceive as a bedside media combine, but a full-fledged working tool. From a hardware point of view, the MatePad Pro is a complete copy of the Mate Xs. It is based on the Kirin 990 processor, 6/8 GB of RAM and artificial intelligence, which in a special way redistributes the load between the cores, thereby increasing the speed of most tasks. And to emphasize the professional orientation of the tablet, Huawei equipped it with support for the Smart Magnetic Keyboard, M-Pencil and split-screen mode, multi-window mode and the ability to connect to a smartphone due to the 'Multi-screen' function.

What is multiscreen

Multiscreen is a really cool feature that allows you to display an image from a smartphone to a tablet, transfer files between them by simply dragging and dropping and access data stored in the memory of one device from another, not to mention the ability to receive and receive calls. The result is even cooler than Apple. At the same time, the cost of MatePad Pro in European retail will be from 549 dollars for the version in the basic configuration to 699 euros – in the top-end.

MateBook X Pro is better than MacBook

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

The Matebook X Pro is designed in the style of typical ultrabooks, but its functionality is broader than that of any of its classmates.

Well, for those who are not satisfied with a tablet, Huawei presented an updated series of laptops Huawei MateBook X Pro. The novelty is an excellent indicator of how much a manufacturer can advance in the development of even a new sphere for itself with sufficient perseverance and technological development. After all, the MateBook X Pro does not at all pretend to be a MacBook, as many ultrabooks did before.

Despite the fact that it has an all-metal body, because of which it can be confused with the company's solutions from afar Apple, upon closer examination you clearly understand that the Chinese are really good at technology.

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

Screen Huawei The Matebook X Pro recognizes touch and even responds to gestures

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at the MateBook X Pro is the display. It occupies 91% of the laptop's lid area and has a rather atypical 3: 2 aspect ratio and 3K resolution. If desired, it can be used as a hybrid, because the display supports touch control and even gestures with which you can take screenshots and perform other quick commands.

Specifications Huawei MateBook X Pro

With iron, too, everything is fine. Responsible for laptop performance Intel Core i5-10210U and i7-10510U, discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM. To provide effective cooling, Huawei had to develop their own cooler Huawei Shark Fin Fans 2.0 with enlarged blades that form a powerful airflow. And thanks to a 58 Wh battery, the laptop is able to guarantee smooth operation throughout the working day.

However, this is not all. For lovers of all the most sophisticated, the fastest Wi-Fi module is installed here, Bluetooth 5.0, support for fast charging technology Huawei SuperCharge with a power of 65 watts. But the coolest thing is that Huawei here, too, it did not forget about the ecosystem, having realized the ability to quickly exchange data between smartphones and tablets based on EMUI, if necessary, viewing data from the memory of one device using another, despite the fact that the laptop works on the base Windows.

How much does Huawei MateBook X Pro cost

It turns out that Huawei outperformed Apple not only in design, but also in usability, which was not expected of it at all. However, this was reflected in the price. The base MateBook X Pro was priced at 1,500 euros, and the top-end – at 2,000 euros, which is quite significant. I think if the Chinese, who have not yet had time to declare themselves in full in the field of computer engineering, set 15-20% more democratic prices for new products, their solutions would be bought much more willingly.

Huawei showed Apple how to make smartphones, tablets and laptops

But once Huawei was known only for its routers

Well, Huawei would not be herself if it had not released a line of telecommunication gadgets. These are Huawei Wi-Fi AX3 and Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 routers supporting Wi-Fi 6+ standard. This is the most advanced standard and is a complete alternative 5G. Thanks to it, the router can operate at incredible speeds up to 3 Gb / s, which is enough to download an HD clip in just 3 seconds. What more could you want?

Huawei is the company that could. She demonstrates a tremendous propensity for technology development in whatever areas she undertakes to conquer. Thanks to the perseverance and staff of highly professional employees Huawei, in just 10 years, she was able to turn from a manufacturer of routers and telecommunications equipment into a brand number 1, which everyone has heard of. And their branded products once again emphasize that patience and work will grind everything.

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