How to turn sound enhancement on Android

It is generally accepted that iOS is better suited for people with disabilities than Android. In any case, this was indicated by the abundance of auxiliary settings, mechanisms and functions that facilitate interaction with the device in case of visual, musculoskeletal or hearing impairments. Unfortunately, there was nothing like this on Android for a long time, and those who needed a special approach had to put up with what they were given. However, over time, Google realized that without inclusive technologies, its operating system would not last long and began to correct itself, introducing even a sound amplification mechanism for the hearing impaired in Android.

How to turn sound enhancement on Android

The sound amplifier works exactly as it is called

Sound enhancement is provided by an application with the uncomplicated name 'Sound Amplification'. It is an inclusive tool for hearing impaired users by amplifying the volume of external sounds and directing them directly to their ears through headphones. The result is, if not a hearing aid, then a rather functional alternative. This is done by a fairly wide range of settings. Users can at their discretion choose the degree of sound amplification, set the desired volume, configure the intensity of noise reduction and select the sound source depending on whose microphone records better: a smartphone or headphones.

How to use the audio booster on Android

  • Download the Sound Booster app from Google Play;

How to turn sound enhancement on Android

The sound amplifier must be turned on in the 'Settings'

  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Accessibility';
  • In the menu that opens, find the 'Downloaded services' section and open it;

How to turn sound enhancement on Android

Customize Sound Booster the way you like it

  • Find and open the 'Sound Booster' tab and activate the service.

The developers do not emphasize that 'Sound Booster' is an application exclusively for the hearing impaired. It is also suitable for those who are used to keeping their headphones on, even if no music is playing from them at the moment. The app simply allows you to hear the world around you better, because faint sounds will become clearer, and loud ones will not deafen. At the same time, extraneous noises will be cut off, thanks to which you can clearly hear the speech of your interlocutor, but, most likely, you will not hear the conversation of people standing at a distance.

How to turn noise canceling on Android

The 'audio amplifier' doesn't care how you connect the headphones to your smartphone – via mini-jack or USB-C. The main thing is that they should be connected by wire, because the application does not work with wireless headphones. Most likely, they fail to achieve high-quality noise reduction, because in this case a software implementation of noise reduction based on the application is used. But, I must say, this is an equal price for convenience. I have personally tried out the noise reduction technology from the Sound Booster and I can say that it works quite effectively, cutting out most of the side noise.

Unfortunately, the 'Sound Enhancer' is only able to act as a sound amplifier, oddly enough, and cannot interact with music applications. But this would be very convenient, because in theory the application could configure the sound in such a way as the user himself would like. At least the support for noise canceling technology on my headphones is definitely not enough for me, and the ability of the 'Amplifier' to block unwanted sounds that interfere with listening to music, I – and, I am sure, many others – would definitely be useful.

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