How to take photos and videos of 3D animals on Google

The three-dimensional animals, which appeared on Google in early April, drove many users crazy. In just a few days, our instructions for interacting with a zoo in augmented reality became the most read article on the site and still continues to gain popularity. Still, everyone wants to know what it's like to watch a tiger in 3D or watch an alligator in 3D in full size or listen to a pug barking loudly, without having to buy it. But it's one thing to just look at it all in real time, and completely different to capture it as a memory.

How to take photos and videos of 3D animals on Google

Do you want to record a video with 3D animals? It couldn't be easier

Despite the fact that Google offered the function of photographing three-dimensional animals from the very beginning, there was no opportunity to record a video with it in a search engine. Therefore, all the users had to be content with were static snapshots. However, it is obvious that children, for whom the AR-zoo was developed to a large extent, would be much more interesting to get a video next to an alligator, tiger or deer. After all, firstly, you can look at yourself from the outside, and, secondly, try to surprise your less advanced friends or relatives.

How to film 3D animals on Google

  • To take a photo or record a video, enter the name of the animal you want to capture in the search engine;
  • Scroll to the 3D animation window and click 'Watch in 3D';

How to take photos and videos of 3D animals on Google

How to watch animals in 3D from Google

  • Select the 'Watch Yourself' option and place an augmented reality animal figure on the floor;
  • To take a photo, aim the lens at the animal, and press the shutter button at the bottom of the screen once;

How to take photos and videos of 3D animals on Google

Do you want a pet? Try 3D animation first

  • To record a video, press and hold the shutter button for a few seconds as when recording a video message in a messenger;
  • To go to the 'Gallery' and view the photo or video, click on the 'Open' button that appears.

Why do you need it, ask? Well, in this way I have already pinned some people close to me, having photographed next to a pug. We in the family have been talking for a long time about how to get this funny animal and even managed to share our desire with friends. Therefore, the video with a perky barking dog, sent to not the most attentive recipients, had the desired effect: those who, in our opinion, should have taken this duck, were led.

Why 3D animals are not recorded on Google

How to take photos and videos of 3D animals on Google

Want to have fun in isolation? Try it with animals from Google

As you can see, there is nothing fundamentally difficult in recording a 3D animal and yourself or your children on video. Another thing is that, as I found out while testing this function, on different devices it can work completely differently. For example, some video recorders have a separate button, and some do not support this function at all. For example, my Honor View 20, which regularly shows the animals themselves in AR, cannot record video, but the Galaxy A51 does not have such problems.

I think it's all about the extensive fragmentation Android, due to which some of the devices do not support 3D animals in principle, some support, and some do this and that. At the same time, updating Google, Chrome or Google Play services does not solve the problem in my case. This means that the whole point is that Google itself for some reason blocks the function of video recording of three-dimensional animals. Why and why is not very clear, but considering that there are devices on which the AR menagerie does not even play, I do not see anything unusual in this.

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