How to take a screenshot on Android?

Screenshot on Samsung In this article, we will consider several options for how to take a screenshot (screenshot) on your smartphone. Tips are given for Samsung smartphones, but may also work on other brands of phones.

Method 1: home key and power

At the same time we hold down the “Power” and “Home” buttons for a few seconds. You will see a small animation of the picture (sound signal) – the screenshot is ready. Look for it in the Gallery folder.

Screenshot on Samsung

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Method 2: power and volume key

If your phone does not have a mechanical Home button, this is the method for you. Press the “Volume Down” and “Power” keys simultaneously. You will see the animation of the picture and sound, as if from a camera shutter. The screenshot is ready and saved in the Gallery.

Screenshot on Samsung

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Method 3: Home and Back key

Press two keys simultaneously: “Home” (mechanical key, not touch) + “Back”. An animation and sound will appear – the screenshot is ready.

Screenshot on Samsung

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Method 4: take a screenshot with the palm of your hand

Go to Settings – Extras. Features – Take a screenshot with the palm of your hand. We activate the switch to the On position.

palm screen shot

Then just slide the edge of your palm across the screen from left to right or from right to left. The palm should touch the screen.

The method is not very convenient, because does not always work, and you just turn the page on your phone.

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Where can I find a screenshot?

All screenshots are saved in the Gallery in the “Screenshot” folder.

If you want to download a file to your computer, connect your phone with a cable. The screenshot is available in the following path: Phone> DCIM> Screenshots.

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