How to set super-wallpaper from firmware Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra to any Android

To be honest, I don't really like smartphones Xiaomi. I am repulsed by the attitude of their manufacturer towards their customers, who can be left without updates in the first year after purchasing a new and seemingly promising device. Despite this, Xiaomi really knows how to make cool devices that leave a very pleasant impression, paying close attention not only to the outer shell, but also to the inner one. And often the internal design is cut into the memory even better, forcing others to wish for something similar.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Even if you have Huawei, you can set wallpaper from MIUI 12

In MIUI 12, which came out this summer, there is a brand new category of desktop images called super wallpapers. They are distinguished from ordinary ones not only by high quality and animation, but also by a kind of interactivity. It consists in the fact that the desktop image is a continuation of the screensaver, which is installed on the lock screen. As a result, the smartphone unlocking process turns into an animated action.

How to set wallpaper Xiaomi

This is Faraway Rings, the Super Wallpaper featured in the Mi 10 Ultra, ported to work on any Android device running Android 8.0 and above! This first video shows the Vertical version of it.

– linuxct (@linuxct) August 12, 2020

Originally MIUI 12 only had a couple of super wallpapers: Earth and Mars. However, the firmware Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which Xiaomi released last week, also includes a screensaver with Saturn. Despite the fact that by default the Chinese offer them only to owners of branded devices, enthusiastic developers have managed to port super-wallpapers Xiaomi to smartphones of all other brands based on Android. I explain on my fingers how to install them:

  • Follow this link and select 'In browser';
  • In the window that opens, select the desired wallpaper and click 'Download';


You can download all wallpapers with a total weight of more than 1.5 GB at once

  • After downloading, confirm the installation and click 'Finish';

Super wallpaper

Installation of animated wallpapers is possible only from the corresponding section

  • Download the Google Wallpaper app from this link;
  • Launch 'Wallpaper', open 'Live Wallpaper' and set the downloaded wallpaper to your lock screen and desktop screen saver.

Due to the fact that the wallpaper is installed as an APK application, the stock Gallery applications on many smartphones do not recognize them. Therefore, you need to use the third-party Google Wallpaper. But this is not enough either. In order for the animated screensaver to be installed, you need to enable it in the section with live wallpapers. Otherwise, a static screensaver will be installed, which will not accompany the unlocking with a characteristic animation.

What you need to know about super wallpapers from MIUI 12

Setting wallpaper

By default, super wallpapers are available only in MIUI 12, but if you wish, you can install them on other smartphones

As you have probably noticed, the weight of each wallpaper is between 50 and 100 MB. This is not so much due to the fact that the screensavers are presented as standalone applications, but rather with deep detail and a high level of elaboration. For comparison, classic animated wallpapers are in the range of 5 to 10-15 MB. Therefore, get ready for the fact that on weak smartphones super-wallpapers from the firmware Xiaomi may be unstable or load the hardware too much, which will cause the device itself to lag.

In my case (I have Honor View 20) there were no problems. I installed wallpaper on both my desktop and lock screen without experiencing any problems. Now I am enjoying a very interesting animation that accompanies the unlocking process regardless of the verification method I have chosen. It can be entering a password, scanning a face or a fingerprint – the animation will appear in any case, bringing the ring of Saturn as close as possible, showing the celestial bodies that form it.

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