How to reduce battery consumption in WhatsApp by Android

The night theme is a phenomenon that everyone has almost forgotten about today, but even this summer even Huawei could not compete with it in popularity with its ban on the use of Google services. It is all the more interesting to see what a stir the WhatsApp developers have caused by adding to the messenger of the same name the ability to change the color design of the interface, translating it into dark tones. However, not everyone was able to sincerely rejoice at the innovation, because for some users the night theme was not dark enough.

How to reduce battery consumption in WhatsApp by Android

Night theme can save battery life quite a lot

As it turned out, many users prefer to activate the night theme in applications, not in order to give their eyes a rest in conditions of lack of ambient light, but in order to save the power of their smartphone. While it's hard to believe, the use of the night theme does reduce the battery load on devices with AMOLED – displays. Therefore, the default design of the WhatsApp interface did not suit a certain audience of users, and they demanded that the developers make it purely black.

How to customize WhatsApp

The messenger developers made concessions to users and added the ability to select multiple background fills in chats. Among them, in addition to pure black, there were dark purple, dark brown, dark burgundy, dark green and dark blue. Now users can choose the shade of their choice and not only save battery life by making the smartphone screen consume less power, but also reduce the strain on their eyes.

For example, my eyes have a very special perception of colors and pure black color, as well as shades close to it, make them water. However, if you turn on the dark burgundy shade, which, in general, is also quite close to black, but not like, say, dark blue, the situation will improve greatly and I will be able to perceive the content, although without much comfort, but no longer in tears. on the screen. So experiment to find out which is right for you.

How to change the background in WhatsApp

  • To make the background in WhatsApp chats pure black, start the messenger and go to the context menu;
  • Open 'Settings' and find the 'Chats' section;

How to reduce battery consumption in WhatsApp by Android

Changing the wallpaper in WhatsApp can improve smartphone autonomy

  • Open the Wallpaper tab and go to Solid Color;
  • Pick a solid black color, apply it and save your changes.

In fact, the black fill on the screen can also be used with a light theme, but the maximum effect can be achieved only with the night one, which is still available only in the test version of the messenger. Their combination will make the interface design as dark as possible and make it possible to slightly increase the battery life of the smartphone.

How the night theme saves power

According to research, a night theme – a pure black one anyway – can extend battery life by up to 40% of baseline. True, do not forget that for this the device must have exactly AMOLED – display, because it consists of many LEDs, which, unlike IPS panels, do not have a single backlight, but are turned on and off independently. from friend. For this reason, where you need to display black, the LEDs go out and do not consume the battery at all.

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