How to order food at home during quarantine

Now people around the world are forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Someone does it voluntarily, while someone obeys the decisions of local authorities. All this leads to the fact that there are fewer cars on the roads, there are fewer people in stores, and there is less food in the refrigerators of citizens. If you don't want to go to the store, you can use delivery. Fortunately, now there are no problems with this. Today I want to talk about several examples of places where you can order food and not leave your home. In the end, this way you will not only protect yourself, but also help reduce the number of cases in the country.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Ordering goods with delivery is now easier than buying them in a store.

Home delivery

Ordering groceries home is becoming more and more popular even without total self-isolation. Many find it easier to poke a mouse and sit and wait for a courier than to go to a store. It's really more convenient. Therefore, I want to share with you the grocery delivery services that we ourselves use in the editorial office. At the same time, we order food not only to the office, but also home.

How to order home food from McDonald's

To do this, there are two of the most popular services today – yellow and green. Yandex Food and Delivery Club long ago divided this market and there is not much room left for the restaurant suppliers themselves. For example, it is more difficult to order directly from Burger King than through Yandex Food or Delivery Club.

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The second one very often has promotions and you can get a potato or even a large burger as a gift. But prices sometimes differ from the main menu if bought in the restaurant itself. This is especially common among inexpensive lots. For example, something can cost 40 rubles on the spot, but the delivery is already 80. In addition, of course, you will have to pay for the delivery. Nowadays it is almost never free. Its price can only decrease with a large order value. But not as big as the cost of top-end Samsung, which are updated worse than cheap ones LG.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Those same yellow and green men.

When placing an order, it should be borne in mind that during lunch and evening hours, delivery time can greatly increase. Other than that, both of these aggregators work great with all the partner restaurants. But, if a person does not come to you in branded clothes, do not worry. I had this a couple of times when a man came from Tanuki in “civilian”. Most likely, this is a restaurant courier who is simply connected to the delivery system.

Ordering products in Moscow

A separate topic for us is delivery from Yandex Shop. Unfortunately, it is not everywhere, but when it serves your area it is very convenient. For example, I don’t have one at home, but there is one near the office. You can order goods in the corresponding section of the Yandex Food or Yandex Taxi application.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Delivery zones Yandex Shop.

The advantage of Yandex Lavka is that its delivery is free, and the products are delivered within 15 minutes. It is somewhat reminiscent of a small supermarket with essential goods. There you can buy products from almost all the main categories. And you will also be offered dishes from large chain restaurants. For example, Khleb Nasuschny, Brothers Karavaevs and others.

There is even a section “at the checkout” in the application, where you can buy all sorts of little things that are just at the checkout in ordinary supermarkets. Shipping, as I said, is free, but a minimum order amount may be set during peak hours. At the same time, the price of products does not exceed the one that is found in stores.

Products with free shipping

If you don't want to order fast food or put up with a small selection of Yandex Shop, there are other stores for you. Probably everyone has heard about the Platypus, but there are also less promoted brands. For example, Crossroads or Delicatesque.

The platypus is good because it has been on the market for a long time and can afford to make good stocks. In addition, in addition to Moscow and the Moscow region, it is represented in cities such as Tver, Kaluga and Tula. Delivery within Moscow is free from 3,000 rubles. In the nearest Moscow region from 4,000 rubles, and if you live at a distance of 40-50 kilometers, free delivery will be only from 5,000 rubles. When ordering for a smaller amount, the most expensive delivery to a distant corner of the Moscow region will be 700 rubles. Payment is possible both in cash and by card upon receipt. You can refuse goods you do not like at the time of receipt.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Platypus delivery area. Time limits for delivery are highlighted in different colors.

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Perekrestok offers approximately the same delivery terms. True, the minimum order amount is 3,000 rubles (a smaller order will simply not be accepted from you, but in other cities the conditions are softer). But you will immediately receive free delivery in Moscow and the nearest Moscow region. They also have ready-made food sets for a week at a price of about 3,000 rubles. You can pay, as in Utkonos, in cash and by card. Subjectively, when choosing those products that I usually buy, the price of the basket will be approximately the same. This is largely due to the large number of shares that Perekrestok also has.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Cost of delivery of goods from Perekrestok (in Moscow).

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Our author Alexander Bogdanov is very fond of the Delicatesk online store. He has been making orders there for a long time. When asked why this is so, he replies that he is used to it. The range of products there is about the same as in the first two stores, and the prices seemed to me a little lower, albeit slightly. The delivery area will be smaller than at Perekrestok or Utkonos, but Moscow and about 30-40 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road are covered. Delivery cost for almost all zones will be free for orders over 3,000 rubles.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Delicateski's delivery area is much more modest than at the Crossroads or Platypus.

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For connoisseurs of the Azbuka Vkusa store, their own delivery from this network is organized. You can order most of the goods on the store shelves. The delivery itself takes no more than 90 minutes, but only within the Moscow Ring Road or the city limits of St. Petersburg. If you order for 900 rubles, then delivery will be free.

How to order food at home during quarantine

Azbuka Vkusa has a very small delivery area, but the conditions are good.

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Where is the best place to order products

Many people think that buying goods in a regular store is cheaper than delivering them to your home. Previously, it really was. Now sellers have learned to optimize the delivery process so that they spend less. Demand has increased, and if the volume gets higher, then the cost of each delivery is lower. Well, there is also competition that forces sellers to look for ways to make delivery as cheap as possible.

The maintenance of a sales area requires fixed costs. If you refuse them, you can reduce the shipping cost. And in this way, sellers increase their turnover. The customer will not order one bottle of water. He will order immediately for the minimum amount.

In the trading floor, for him to buy for such an amount, he needs to come 5-7 times, and so only one car will come to him. She will also take the goods to 10 more customers. As a result, delivery is even more profitable than endless Pyaterochka in the yards. Perhaps, soon products will be bought only in this way, but it will definitely not be in the very near future. After all, offline stores have their advantages. At the very least, you don't have to wait in them for a bottle of water.

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