How to free memory on Samsung?

Phone memory is full

What to do if the internal memory of the smartphone is full and you cannot install applications and games or upload photos and videos? How do I clear the memory?

Any smartphone has 2 types of memory: random access memory (RAM) and built-in memory (ROM). In this article, we'll look at how to optimize (free up) memory space by removing unnecessary data such as cached, residual and ad files, game and application cache.

Even on the optimization page, the device shows how much free memory you have.

Free memory

Clean up memory, delete games and applications

Memory settings can be found here: Settings – Optimization – Memory.

Phone memory

As you can see, I have 15.1 GB of 16 GB available, and only 896 MB are free. How can I clear my memory? This is where the user data stats below comes in.

  • The documents take only 521 KB – there is no point in cleaning, it is very small. If you have a lot of documents on your phone, delete unnecessary ones. Just select the items and click the delete button. Removing unnecessary documents
  • Pictures take only 66.5 MB – also a little. To delete unnecessary pictures, select the items and click “delete”.
  • Audio – 11.4 MB. Also select unwanted entries to delete. Removing unnecessary music
  • Video – 191 MB. You can delete some videos here to clean up some places.
  • Application data occupies 1.5 GB. Here you can definitely find what to remove unnecessary. Rarely used programs and how much space their data (updates, saves, and other user files) take up are shown. As you can see, you can delete multiple toy files. In this case, the applications themselves are not deleted! Delete game

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Memory settings

To configure the internal memory, go to Settings – Optimization – Memory – Memory settings (upper right corner).

Memory settings

Here we see the statistics of storage usage

How else can you free up memory?

  1. Delete data and cache of applications and user data – video, audio, pictures. As you can see in the screenshot above, they take up 6.64 GB.
    • To delete data for applications and games, select “Applications” and click on the desired program or game. You can clear data and cache. Clear data and cache of apps and games
    • Select “Pictures, Videos” to delete pictures and videos.
    • Select “Audio” to delete music and recordings from the recorder.
  2. Delete “other” files that are 3.27 GB in size. These are files downloaded via Bluetooth or on the Internet, Android system files. Press the “browse” button and you will be taken to the device memory. Be careful not to delete working OS files! Delete Android system files
  3. Delete cached data (occupies 272 MB). Select, press the “clear” button – this will delete the entire application cache. The applications themselves will not be deleted! Delete application cache

Internal memory usage statistics are updated every 2 weeks. For more accurate data, I advise you to update it before each manual memory cleanup.

Using my Samsung Galaxy A5 phone as an example, I showed how you can clear the internal storage of your phone if there is not enough space to install new applications and games.

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