How to extend the battery life of smartphones Huawei and Honor

Conserving battery capacity in order to extend battery life has long been an obsession for many users. Therefore, today it has become the norm to look for the only correct way of charging that can save the battery from wear and tear, or at least delay it a little. I personally do not belong to this category, and I sincerely believe that putting the smartphone on charge and taking it off on schedule, carefully monitoring that it charges and charges strictly up to a certain point, is already too much. Especially when it is possible not to take active steps to preserve the battery.

How to extend the battery life of smartphones Huawei and Honor

Smart charging can extend battery life

Users Huawei have a great opportunity to avoid all this red tape with a special approach to charging their smartphones. With the release of the EMUI 10.1 update, the distribution of which has already begun not only among the flagships, but also among frankly inexpensive brand devices, a special 'smart' charging mode has appeared in the firmware. It is he who will allow, firstly, to save the battery by extending its service life, and, secondly, it will save your own time and nerves, eliminating the need to count percentages before disconnecting the smartphone from the outlet.

How Smart Charging Works Huawei

How to extend the battery life of smartphones Huawei and Honor

Smart charging will be available on all smartphones Huawei and Honor with EMUI 10.1

Smart charging works in the following scenario:

  • Artificial intelligence learns when and how much you usually charge your smartphone;
  • If this is usually a night charging session, smart algorithms will charge the device in two stages;
  • At the first stage, the battery is charged to 80%, and then the current supply is stopped until the morning;
  • Half an hour before the estimated time of disconnection of the smartphone from the outlet, the smartphone will resume charging and fill the missing 20%.

This is done to minimize damage to the battery when fully charged. After all, when the smartphone is put on charge, it charges up to 100% in one and a half to two hours, and then throughout the night it experiences micro-energy losses, which the power supply continuously replenishes. The stomach works in a similar way, which many fill up, not even feeling hungry and needing food, but simply from the fact that they have nothing to do. As a result, this leads to a malfunction of the digestive system and obesity.

How to turn on smart charging

How to extend the battery life of smartphones Huawei and Honor

You can enable smart charging in the smartphone settings

  • To enable smart charging, update to EMUI 10.1;
  • Go to 'Settings' – 'Battery' – 'Other battery settings';
  • In the window that opens, activate the 'Smart Charging' item;
  • Wait until nightfall and put your smartphone on charge.

It is difficult to say how much this technique actually can delay aging and deterioration of the battery. Itself Huawei refuses to give any promises in this regard, obviously, fearing claims from users in case the forecast does not come true. Indeed, in this case, you can run into both the courts and the loss of authority. However, this is quite logical, since due to different approaches to using smartphones, it is impossible to build a single scenario for the development of events for everyone and predict where smart charging will work and where it will not.

When Huawei just announced the launch of smart charging, many felt that it was copying an idea that found application in iOS 13. Then Apple also introduced its own smart charging mechanism , however, it consisted not in stopping the process of energy supply, but in slowing it down as much as possible. As a result, whichever charger you use iPhone will invariably take 7-8 hours to charge, depending on how long you usually leave it at the outlet. I can't say whose method is better. But for AirPods in Cupertino they chose the method Huawei.

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