How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

Instagram has rightfully become a real symbol of our time. Despite the great popularity of TikTok, which, apparently, will soon stop growing due to bans being introduced around the world, it is Instagram that really rules. Almost all public and not so people have it. It publishes news and communicates. All in all, Instagram has it all! Often I need to download a photo from there and I am asked from time to time how to do it. I will try to answer in this article. As usual, I will give several ways to do this on Android – from the simplest to a little more advanced.

How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

Many people need to download photos from Instagram, but not everyone knows how to do this.

How to take a screenshot on Android

The easiest way to save a photo from Instagram would be a simple screenshot. The advantages of this method include the absence of the need to install special software, and the disadvantages include the need to process each photo by hand.

How to take a screenshot on Android has been said a lot. Usually it is enough to simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down button. In some phones, you have to knock your knuckle on the screen, and sometimes manufacturers come up with even more sophisticated ways, like swiping with the whole palm on some Samsung models.

After the screenshot is taken, you will need to crop it to the desired size and you're done. There are more advanced ways to capture an image from Instagram on a Android – smartphone.

Apps for saving Instagram photos

The developers have come up with more than a dozen applications for downloading photos from Instagram, but they all have their own limitations or simply require permission that scares users. But many of them have great functionality.

How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

Instagram always stands apart from the photo download requirements. This is because the basic tools of the original application do not allow this.

I must say right away that installing them, you do it at your own peril and risk, especially if they ask you to enter your credentials somewhere. So you can lose the account. However, this is unlikely.

Regrann – download photos from Instagram

This is probably the simplest application for downloading photos from the popular social network. You can download it from Google Play, and use it directly from the application Instagram.

To download photos from Instagram, you need to select the desired publication, click “share” and in the window that opens, select the Regrann application. You will see a dialog box in which you just need to click “Save”. After that, the photo will appear in your gallery and you can do with it what you need, for example, put it on the wallpaper, save it as a keepsake or repost it.

The FastSave for Instagram app is also distributed through Google Play and is free. It is, if not the most popular among users, then definitely one of them. Proof of this can be considered the number of downloads, which exceeded ten million.

The application allows you to download both photos and videos from profiles Instagram of any users.

How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

If the application allows you to download photos from Instagram, then it allows you to do this with any profile.

QuickSave for Instagram – download via URL

This application is also free and also allows you to simply download photos to your phone. You can also download it from Google Play.

In order to download photos via QuickSave for Instagram, you need to copy the publication URL, then open the application and use this copied address. The method is a little more complicated than, for example, using Regrann, but it also works. If you do not like that application for some reason, you can use this. After saving, the photo will also appear in your gallery.

Insta Download – download without authorization and “SMS”

The advantage of the Insta Download application is that it does not require logging in to Instagram. This can be regarded as a safety element. In some other applications, you need to enter your data, which may threaten their leak.

How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

There are so many photos in Instagram that you can't download them.

Otherwise, the principle of operation is almost the same as that of other applications. You just need to copy the URL of the post and paste it into Insta Download. The photo will be saved in the application and you will need to open it and save it to the gallery. This complicates and lengthens the process a little, so it's worth considering whether the extra link in the chain of actions is worth the opportunity not to enter your credentials. Everyone decides for himself.

Save & Repost for Instagram – batch download photos

Another application called Save & Repost for Instagram can be useful for those who want to download a large number of photos at once.

This is probably the only plus that makes this application stand out from the rest, although not all. Some other applications also offer the ability to batch download photos.

If the examples given are not enough for you, you can use the search by writing something like “Download Instagram” or “Instagram Download” on Google Play, and choose what you like best. I gave the most popular examples in this article, but if this is not enough for you, you can choose your option. You can also tell us how you do it in our Telegram chat or in the comments to the article.

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