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Many people using modern phones and tablets are wondering what Viber is for Android. This program is analogous to Skype, but at the same time it works more stably, has advanced functionality and consumes less traffic. This article will describe the main advantages of Viber and give instructions on how to install and use it.

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Installing Viber on Android

Installing Viber

First, you need to download this application. You can do this on Google Play via the link, or from the official website. The program is completely free, so there shouldn't be any problems. One important point – it is better to install the utility via Wi-Fi, due to its large size and the peculiarities of some mobile operators. Before installing Viber on Android, you need to check the availability of free space on the memory card and in the phone. Next, you just need to start the installation

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Using Viber

Using and configuring Viber

Now we will tell you in more detail how to use the utility. You need to run the program. First, a notification appears that asks for permission to access your contacts. The next window is a menu with a choice of countries. After selection, you will need to enter a phone number. This must be done, because after entering all the data, a code comes, which is entered in a separate field and completes the registration. If the code does not come, the vibe has the 'Order a call' function when it is activated, after a while the robot will call, he will dictate the code, after which the registration will be completed.

The identifier in the Viber system is the number of each user, in contrast to Skype, where you constantly had to remember the login. After saving all the settings, the program will immediately show friends who also installed this application. Also, the built-in function allows you to send all your friends an SMS with a proposal to install Viber. In addition, the program integrates with social networks, so that you can always communicate, if you have access to the Internet.

The program has an intuitive interface that has embodied the best practices in ergonomics. For this reason, almost anyone can figure out how to use Viber for Android.

Additional program settings

There are 3 tabs in the main menu: messages, friends, call. If you click on one of them, one or another function is activated. Calls all over the world using Viber are free due to the fact that the Internet is used as a channel.

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The main advantages of Viber:

  • Stunning call quality, several times better than Skype.
  • Economical use of battery power.
  • Economical use of Internet traffic when using mobile Internet.
  • An intuitive interface that everyone can understand.
  • Automatic synchronization with phone contacts and social networks.
  • Video calls function.

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