What is the ideal way to charge your phone?

Modern phones can charge whatever they want. Some do it quickly, others slowly. Some – by wire, others – without. Some – from an outlet, others – from an external battery. There are many ways, as they say, choose any. Some I would strongly advise against using, but you will not listen to me. Here, even the question is not that some is better or worse, although they have features, but what is worth choosing for yourself. I chose two main charging methods for myself and I want to tell you why I stopped on them. If you disagree with me, I don't care. But there will be something to discuss in the comments.

What is the ideal way to charge your phone?

How best to charge your phone

Many people argue about the best way to charge your phone. Some believe that you need to use the wireless method, while others say that it is dangerous for the gadget and you need to choose only the wire and only the original one.

There are no questions about originality. Both the power adapter and the cable must be original or just good. Variants from AliExpress are not our method. I have heard stories many times that the smartphone does not charge well and they were all about the need to do something with the charging socket. It never even occurred to anyone that the connector of an expensive smartphone is much more reliable than cables, which are sold for 100 rubles per bucket. The price also includes a bucket.

In addition to the fact that bad wiring can cause the cable to short-circuit and burn the phone, it can charge slowly. This is even more common than the fact that it just doesn't work. A quality cable should be made of quality materials, and they cost money – that's an axiom.

We decided and fixed – the charging should be of high quality. Even an expensive charger will end up being cheaper. Especially if you have a flagship smartphone. Now you need to understand what kind of exercise to choose for yourself. I have chosen two options.

Can I use wireless charging

Regarding the dangers of wireless charging, you can reiterate that it is safe. I have written about this many times, but I will repeat it again. Wireless charging can heat your smartphone, but it will prevent it from burning out from a power surge. However, even at a low speed they have already learned to fight and modern smartphones are fully charged in less than an hour, even wirelessly.

You can even use slower wireless chargers. It's enough just to change your habits a little. At that moment, when you are not using your smartphone, you need to put it not just on the table, but on the charging station. If you do this, then you will almost always have 100 percent charge. Even if you use it only at work.

What is the ideal way to charge your phone?

This makes charging your phone very convenient.

I have medium power wireless charging. At some moments of the day, I use my phone all the time and cannot put it on charge. Sometimes it's the other way around. Even 10-15 minutes per hour is enough for the phone to be 100 percent charged by the end of the day. The main thing is not to lead to a deep detente. If you have 1-2 percent and you urgently need to call someone, use the wire.

And it is also convenient to use wireless chargers that do not lie on the table, but are made in the form of a stand. I myself use this one and it is very convenient (although, we will talk about an even more convenient option a little below). When a notification arrives, the smartphone sees me, scans my face and immediately shows the notification text.

Does fast charging ruin the battery?

For normal charging, I chose the wireless one. There is a charging station in the office, there is at home, and even a special charging tray is built into the car. As a result, my smartphone is almost always fully charged. But it happens that I can linger somewhere or just forget to put the smartphone on charge and then fast wired charging comes to the rescue.

Now many smartphones support it and this should be actively used. It is completely safe, provided you use the original cable and power adapter. This way, charging will be as fast as possible, and there will be no risk to the battery at all.

What is the ideal way to charge your phone?

This is how fast charging for OnePlus looks like.

It should be understood that fast charges have high power. This is what can damage the smartphone if something goes wrong. Everything should work as expected with original accessories.

Some OnePlus and OPPO models can fully charge your smartphone in 30-35 minutes. It's very fast and should be used.

How to quickly charge your phone

If your smartphone doesn't support fast charging, or if it doesn't seem fast enough for you, there are a couple of personal tips on how to speed up the charging process.

While charging, the smartphone increases energy consumption – they still give it, why not take it. This can be downloadable updates, data synchronization, or simply increasing the receiver power to improve the quality of communication. Many people still think that if they play a game while charging, then the smartphone should still charge at the same rate. Then they are very surprised when this does not happen.

For the fastest possible charging, you must turn off all consumption. Ideally, turn off your phone altogether, but this is not always possible. Some phones turn on themselves when they are charging. In this case, you can simply turn on airplane mode.

If you can afford to turn off your phone, or at least turn on airplane mode, this will make charging faster by about 10-15 percent. Even when using the same power adapter.

Best phone charger

With fast charging, everything is clear. You can continue to increase its speed, but half an hour on a full charge is already good. Much more questions about wireless charging.

One of its significant drawbacks is the need for accurate positioning (combining the induction coil in the charger and in the phone). That is, if you move the smartphone a little to the side, it will charge much slower or not charge at all.

What is the ideal way to charge your phone?

One of my charging stations.

With all my love for charging stands, I really want to make a rug on which you can put your smartphone and it will start charging. That is, put it anywhere on this rug, and not strictly in one specific one. Let it be the size of an A4 sheet or even smaller, but you don't have to check exactly how to put your smartphone.

Apple tried to do something like this but couldn't. She was very hot and did not work very stable. Most likely, there was the question of charging quickly. What if I don't need to charge my phone quickly?

What if I want to put all my family's phones on this mat overnight and let them charge for 5-7 hours. Nobody even gave me such an opportunity – it's very sad.

If such mats appear even with a long charging time, I will only be glad. This is what we are definitely missing. Do someone like that and I'll be the first to get in line with the words “shut up and take my money”! But no one has yet been able to do something like this, or simply have not thought of it yet. Are you on my side?

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