How to Android enable guest mode

Despite the fact that Android, in the opinion of many, is a less functional platform than iOS, most of the capabilities that Apple is implementing today have been implemented by Google already a long time ago. Desktop widgets, notification shade, split screen mode and much more. But there are still such functions that are not in iOS until now, but at the same time they have been used for a long time and quite regularly even in the stock version Android, which is traditionally considered the least loaded functions. For example, a guest profile.

How to Android enable guest mode

You still cannot switch the profile to iOS, but to Android you can

What is guest mode on Android

Guest mode is a separate profile on Android that can be run parallel to the main one and configured in a completely different way. Not only will it be impossible to access the data stored in the main profile from there, but there will also not be the same applications that were already installed earlier. That is, by turning on the guest mode, you will have the complete feeling of a completely new smartphone that needs to be configured anew and filled with software. There even the keyboard will be the one that is installed by default, not to mention the wallpaper and other interface elements.

There are several ways to enable guest mode on Android. They are absolutely equal in terms of the result, so just use the one that seems more convenient to you.

The first method involves switching directly in the notification shade: open the shade and swipe on it again to open all available controls. At the bottom of the screen, click on the profile icon – this will take you to the smartphone settings.

How to Android enable guest mode

The button for quickly switching profiles is not available in all firmware

Here select 'Guest Mode' and wait for the required settings to take effect. All. After that, you can use your smartphone in guest access mode, without worrying that someone outsider will see what he is not supposed to see.

How to switch profile to Android

The second method is a little more complicated, but suitable for those who do not have a quick jump button in the profile switching menu:

  • Go to 'Settings' and type 'Users' in the search line;
  • In the window that opens, select 'Guest';

How to Android enable guest mode

If desired, you can create both a guest profile and a second permanent

  • Confirm switching profiles;
  • Wait for the guest profile settings to take effect.

In general, nothing complicated, just a little more manipulation. However, you need to understand that different manufacturers may use different names for the same section. Therefore, do not be surprised if the corresponding settings item is not found on the 'Users' request. Try to find it manually, or use the search terms 'guest', 'guest', 'profile', 'profiles' or 'access' one by one. Most likely, one of these options will work, and you can still switch to a clean profile.

After that, a special profile icon will appear on the lock screen, which will allow you to launch the desired one even before unlocking the smartphone. It is enough to click on it, select the desired profile – guest or main – and use the device as permitted.

The main drawback of the system with profiles, in my opinion, is the lack of verification. I don’t know how this mechanism is implemented on other smartphones, but my Honor View 20 does not require any identity confirmation when switching a profile. That is, any guest to whom I give my smartphone can go to system settings and just switch to the main profile, where I have a huge amount of personal information. The system does not ask for a password, biometrics, or any other confirmation, putting my privacy at risk.

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