How Google Play has changed due to the coronavirus

Again, and again, and again, and again, we return to the topic of the coronavirus 'COVID-19', which is striding across the planet. Because of him, they no longer just introduce quarantine in schools and cancel some events. He was even able to influence the MWC 2020 and the Google I / O conference. Well, how to influence … They were simply canceled and that's it. It would seem that everything is logical – people go to such events, get infected from each other and spread the infection further. As a result, the event is canceled. But the virus has an impact on online too. Including on Google Play. The question is why this is happening.

How Google Play has changed due to the coronavirus

Google Play is an important part Android.

This time it concerns the software component and the issuance of results for the queries “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” was canceled. At the same time, earlier results for such queries were issued and there was no difficulty in finding something.

Each user can check what has been said now. To do this, you only need two things – a smartphone Android and the Google Play app store. You can joke about the fact that not all owners of new Huawei and Honor will be able to do this, but we will not. After all, the return of Google services to a smartphone is literally a matter of minutes.

It is interesting that this kind of censorship did not affect the search for books and music. You can still find the results you want, but nothing else. There is no exact answer to why this is happening, but with a high degree of probability we can say that this is a measure of struggle against those who, in the wake of the popularity of the topic, begin to use the appropriate words to promote their applications in search. If everything is really so, then the actions of the search giant seem very logical, for one small but …

There is information that this does not happen in all app stores. More precisely, not in all regions where Google Play is used. In which regions the search is closed, it is difficult to say, but in the Russian search results, too, is empty.

How Google Play has changed due to the coronavirus How Google Play has changed due to the coronavirus

The lack of “censorship” in some regions may be temporary, because either Google specialists simply did not get to this, or the developers simply did not start to misinform users in this way and promote their applications.

Google itself does not comment on what is happening, but with one hundred percent certainty we can say that everything is not just that and that this is not a coincidence or a mistake, but deliberate actions and company policy.

Another example of making money on global fears and combating such earnings is the situation with Amazon, which stopped selling a huge number of products that, according to the seller, were supposed to protect against coronavirus and even cure it. There are no such funds yet, and the sellers were simply trying to make money in this way, inflating prices for things that in fact have nothing to do with treatment or prevention.

Such actions of companies can only be praised, since now literally everyone is trying to somehow weld on a topic that is painful for many. First of all, this applies specifically to sellers of goods for gullible people. In fact, this happens on a regular basis, and almost every such situation is accompanied by a surge in fraud. It is good that now it is possible to block them already at the search level, so that, as they say, it is not commonplace.

It should be noted that there are no such locks in the App Store yet and you can find applications for the above requests. For example, on request “COVID-19” there are not only medical applications, but even just “Chinese calendar”. Perhaps, from day to day, censorship in the app store Apple will be introduced. It is strange that this has not yet been done.

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