How to set up Android Pay – step-by-step instructions

The growing popularity of smartphones from the Chinese brand Xiaomi and the payment service Android Pay from Google make us think about their compatibility. Accordingly, there is a need for setting up and adequate functioning of Android Pay on the platforms of Xiaomi mobile devices. How to set up Android Pay


First of all, you need to understand service support. Not all models offered by the company on the market are compatible with it. The reason is the mismatch of three required parameters:

  • official firmware version;
  • bootloader lock;
  • disabling root rights.

Contactless payments through the service are possible only with a special NFC chip. Without it, the use of Android Pay will be incomplete – only for payments on the Internet. To find a Xiaomi smartphone suitable for efficient installation and debugging, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of models that contain a chip and lack it.

NFC is built into phones of some Mi modifications (2A; 3; 5; 5s and plus; 6; note2; mix).

The rulers Redmi and Mi Max are released without a close proximity sensor, which makes it difficult for Android Pay. Rulers Redmi and Mi Max

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After making sure that the characteristics of the device coincide with the requirements, and the correct operation of Android Pay is possible, we proceed to work with the program.

Stage one:

  1. download and launch the application on your smartphone;
  2. go to the desired Google profile;
  3. add a payment card using the + icon (or confirm if the card has already been assigned to the account);
  4. in the drop-down menu, select the type of card;
  5. using a scanner or manually saving the card data;
  6. depending on the banking rules, we pass the confirmation code in SMS;
  7. if everything went well, the agreed amount will be debited from the account, which will be returned later.

Stage two:

  1. go to 'Settings' and in the 'More' section connect NFC;
  2. in the “Location of the security element” mark Wallet HCE;
  3. in “Payment” select Android Pay and set “Use by default” always.

If everything was done correctly and everything went smoothly, the application is ready to use.

If you choose to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x or another model of this series, the program will start, but the selection of functions will be limited. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x

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Launch Android Pay

To activate and pay, you need to turn on and unlock the gadget, bring it to the payment terminal and, if necessary, select the card from the list of those assigned to the wallet. After that, the payment will be successful.

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A review of user reviews Xiaomi shows that Pay isn't always easy to use.

Most often, the problem is associated with the firmware, more precisely, with the year of its release. Updating the operating system copes with the difficulties and resumes the work of the service department.

New solutions appear as problems are identified and are published for user access on the portal.

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