Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

I used a lot iPhone on a regular basis. Even now, one of my regular smartphones is the product Apple. I am well versed in what they are and how they work. And I also know well how you feel when you move from one platform to another. Now I would like to share a couple of tips on how to switch from one platform to another and how, at the same time, to decide on the choice of a phone that you like and with which there will be the least discomfort. After all, you must agree, it is so important that the smartphone brings you joy during this difficult period of changing habits, which is inevitable when switching from iOS to Android and back.

Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

All smartphones are good, buy anyone.

At the very beginning, I note that when you exchange a smartphone and switch to another operating system, it is important to check everything. If you have not had any experience of communicating with another system before, be sure to see how the new device looks for you. Do this at least in the demo zone of the store, or rather contact your friends or acquaintances. So it will be possible to check everything in a calm atmosphere and ask questions of interest.

What is the difference between iOS and Android

If we do not go into the software features of these two platforms, we can say that the main difference is only one. iOS is ease of use and Android is powerful.

Ten years ago, you couldn't do anything on iOS, but everything was simple. Anything was possible on Android in the same period, but it came at the price of stability and ease of use. Over time, the systems went towards each other. Apple even got a file manager, and Android became more closed and predictable. Now they are very close, but the main focus remains.

It should be noted that the transition period was accompanied by, albeit not critical, but the growth of problems with the reliability of both systems.

Which android to buy instead of an iPhone

Moving from iPhone to Android, be prepared that a lot will seem incomprehensible to you. This is how it sometimes happens in different languages ​​when the letters are the same, but what is written is not clear. If smartphones are on Android, this does not mean that they will all be the same. Each manufacturer makes his own shell, which seems to him the most correct. Below I will give examples of several smartphones that will seem as familiar as possible when moving on.

The simplest Android, which Google conceived, will be on Google Pixel smartphones, which can be purchased from about 32,000 rubles for the 3a model. It will shoot great, work fast and get updates for a couple of years. He also works on the so-called goal Android, which is not overloaded with unnecessary add-ons. If you want a sharp WOW effect, it might be worth choosing something else, but if you want a smooth transition, this is a great option.

Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

The Google Pixel 3a is pretty good for the money.

Other smartphones that run on Android will also be good, but here it is already worth starting from the cost. It's not worth chasing cheapness. Inexpensive smartphones may be fine, but they won't charge you less money than they actually cost.

Another good option would be OPPO smartphones, which work with the ColorOS shell, which, although different from the bare one Android, almost screams that it borrowed a lot from iPhone. This is not a reproach now, since in many ways she borrowed the best. I like this shell and I think it will be perfect for those who are used to iPhone. In these devices, even the pull-out curtains are very similar.

Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

ColorOS is somewhat close to iOS.

As a third option, I would call OnePlus smartphones. They work on the current version Android and receive updates almost longer than others. The branded shell is called Oxygen OS. And even if it is not very similar to iOS, but it is quite simple and straightforward if you use it at the everyday level. Moreover, if there is a desire to “shaman” the settings, then there is such an opportunity too.

Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

These smartphones are good too.

There are some great options among other devices, for example, I really like the Huawei P30 Pro. These three examples I gave due to the fact that several of those with whom I spoke, having looked at these devices, said that they were simple and understandable for them. The participants of our Telegram chat said the same, whose opinion I consider to be very authoritative.

Which iPhone to buy

If you want to switch from Android to iPhone on the contrary, then I always recommend buying only a new phone. Let it be last year, but it must be new. At the same time, the option with last year's devices is suitable for those who want to save money, but buying a new product you will use the current model longer and will receive updates for longer. This is especially true in relation to Android, which in some cases on different devices can receive updates for no more than a year. All iPhone are renewed for about 4-5 years.

Which phones on Android do I recommend to those who decided to refuse iPhone

All current models iPhone.

If you want to buy a new iPhone, then at the time of this writing, the models iPhone SE of the second generation (from 39,990 rubles), iPhone 11 (from 59,990 rubles) and iPhone 11 Pro (from 89 990 normal and from 99 990 “Max” version). These are the official prices, which can be 15-20 percent lower if you buy from “serovars”.

It is only necessary to build on the price, since they are all good and almost do not differ in anything. Perhaps only a camera – older models have more modules. Also in the “Pro” series OLED – screens are installed. All other differences by and large boil down only to the appearance and size.

The main thing is to know that by switching from Android to iPhone, you will not be able, for example, to install applications not from the App Store (unless you jailbreak). Also, widgets will only be on a separate screen, and applications cannot be placed anywhere on the main screen. These are just features that are not a minus, but they must be borne in mind. Otherwise smartphones from Apple are also excellent devices. They are just different.

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