How do I clear the RAM on my phone?

RAM RAM for phones The RAM on the phone is very limited. Depending on the phone model, it can be from 0.5 to 8 GB. Accordingly, the more RAM in the phone, the faster games and programs work, and the more applications you can open simultaneously “without brakes”.

It is impossible to increase the RAM, unlike the usual memory of the device, when you can simply insert a memory card.

You can view statistics on RAM usage here: Settings – Optimization – RAM.

RAM in the phone

As you can see, my phone has only 2 GB of RAM, of which 1.4 GB are occupied by various applications and the Android OS itself. To improve performance, you need to free up RAM space by stopping applications running in the background.

We see a list of such applications – opposite each there is statistics – how much RAM is currently consumed. Select unnecessary applications and click “clear”. By selecting all available programs, I can free up 424 MB of RAM.

RAM cleaning

Now I have 449 MB of RAM free. Why so few? System necessary programs consume a lot of RAM, which cannot be completed – they are needed for work Android.

Therefore, when choosing a phone before buying, pay main attention to the size of RAM (random access memory) – it is never enough. Increasing RAM in the future will not work. The more RAM the better. I advise you to buy smartphones with 2 GB or more RAM. half will be taken by the Android OS, and half will remain with you to launch applications and games.

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