Why does my smartphone charge quickly?

Surely each of you has come across a situation when the battery charge of the smartphone was not enough for a day of use. In the case of Android – smartphones, this problem is not so relevant, because even the cheapest smartphones today are equipped with 4000-5000 mAh batteries. However, we are still wondering what exactly affects the autonomy of the phone. Knowing all the reasons for the loss of charge, we can effectively use a number of functions to reduce consumption.

Why does my smartphone charge quickly?

Why does charging on a smartphone run down quickly?

Battery capacity is important

It's probably worth starting with the most important thing – battery capacity. It is she who is the main reason for poor autonomy. The lower the battery capacity, the worse the autonomy, as a rule. In 2020, it is best to buy smartphones with a 4000-4500 mAh battery, this should be enough for a day or two of use.

The display also affects autonomy

The second most important source of flow is the display. Smartphones offer QHD resolutions, OLED – technologies, screens with an increased refresh rate – all this affects the autonomy. OLED – a display with a large number of white colors may consume battery faster than IPS screens. If the diagonal of the smartphone screen is more than 6.5 inches and the battery capacity is below 4000 mAh, such a phone, with a high degree of probability, will not live a day on a single charge. In addition, the brightness of the screen greatly affects the consumption.

Network Connections

You've probably noticed how quickly the battery charge starts to drain when the mobile Internet is activated. If the quality of the network is poor, the consumption may increase even more. Mobile Internet is one of the main reasons for fast battery consumption.

Chipset consumes power under load

The processor can also affect battery consumption. The more heat dissipation, the greater the charge consumption. The flagship processors currently offer the BIG.little architecture. It allows using weak cores during normal operation and connecting high-performance solutions only when necessary. In any case, it is better to resort to buying a new generation mid-budget processor, it will not be as productive, but it should consume less charge.

Camera and ISP processing spend power

Anyone who has ever used Google Camera on their device knows what this leads to. The camera uses processor resources to process the image, which seriously affects the autonomy. Image processing is, in its complexity, tantamount to launching a complex 3D game. In addition, at the time of shooting, the brightness of the device's display rises to 100%, which can also negatively affect consumption.

Additional hardware

Some smartphones are equipped with additional hardware, which affects their autonomy. Examples include Motorola or Google. Companies use special sensors in their phones that constantly listen to their owners. They are required for the Google Assistant to work. In the Pixel 4, Google uses a Motion Sense sensor. It analyzes the user's hand movements when using the device, which undoubtedly affects the autonomy of the phone. I propose to discuss the consumption of Motion Sense in Telegram.

Smartphone software features

Why does my smartphone charge quickly?

Always On Display

Recently, the use of super AMOLED displays has become very popular. This allows owners to activate the Always On Display feature. This function displays various information on the screen even when the device is not in use. As a rule, owners can choose in the phone settings how long the splash screen will be displayed on the screen. Values ​​can range from 10 seconds to infinity.

Battery working conditions

The battery will lose its capacity over time. This is influenced by many factors. Temperatures, recharge cycles and even volume. For example, if you constantly bring the device to 0% or 100% charge, it will lose its capacity much faster. Try to keep the charge level between 20% and 80%. This should significantly reduce battery wear.

Operating system background processes

Typically, even in sleep mode Android has background processes running. They can send data over the network and perform various actions. In addition, background processes can be owned by some applications. This is necessary so that even in a sleep state, the smartphone can send notifications from various applications to the user. And how will the phone know about them if the necessary processes that will receive information from the servers of certain messengers are not running in the background?


As you can see, many factors affect the autonomy of the phone, all of which are worth paying attention to. Now you know what affects autonomy and you can better control the battery consumption. What is the autonomy of your smartphone? Share your opinion in the comments.

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