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Android The article is dedicated to all those music lovers who like to listen to the radio. Surely there were times when at home or in the office your favorite music center began to catch radio stations poorly, for example, due to bad weather conditions, whether it was rain or just thick clouds that obstruct the signal, while your center began to emit some kind of interference and hiss. Agree, such a situation completely discourages listening to music, and even can spoil the mood if your favorite song is playing on the air. Why am I all this? Besides, I want to tell you about Internet radio for Android. Today, in almost every home, you can find some kind of device running on the OS Android, for example, a phone, a TV, or a TV set-top box, a tablet: all these gadgets can be connected to the music center for more comfortable listening.

There are many applications on the Internet that can play streaming radio for Android. They are very convenient, because in many ways they are much superior to a conventional receiver.

How to install Internet radio on Android: Video

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Pros of internet radio

  1. The fattest plus is quality, because it's so much better than what your center catches. It is transmitted digitally, so some hiss are simply excluded. You get the quality that comes straight from the studio, comparable to a regular MP3.
  2. In addition, a huge selection of channels is available, that is, instead of 15 that are available in the city in which you live, internet radio takes from all over the world. That is, you can listen to the channels that are on the other side of the globe.
  3. Also, importantly, it supports the recording of Android radion. That is, if you are listening to some DJ's favorite set, which lasts 40 minutes, you can record it so that you can listen to it later or send it to a friend for him to appreciate. Many do the same with Armin Van Buuren's compositions, after merging his creation into the network.
  4. And he is alone here, more precisely, this is even a small inconvenience: for playback you need an Internet connection, and for comfortable listening, the speed is allowed from 512 kb / s, which today is no problem, even for a wireless connection.

So, how to listen to radio on Android? All you need to do is download the program.

All products are available for download directly from Google Play. I will show you the example of the first three in the displayed list of programs.


PCRADIO on Play Market

A free program that has everything you need in it. After starting, there will be a list of stations by genre, in which the names are located. There is an opportunity to mark favorites and even record on your device. But the latter works when purchasing the paid version, which can also be seen on Google Play.

Choosing a genre of music Selecting a radio station Radio station

  • Radio FM

Radio FM

Here, initially, sorting goes by country, where the number of available signals is written in brackets. Bookmarks with favorites and recently listened to are also available.

Country selection Selecting a radio station

  1. TuneIn Radio

    TuneIn Radio

Personally, I liked this product the most, I think it is the best radio for Android. This client is available for different operating systems, including it can be seen for Smart TV.

On the main page, music can be selected not only by genre, but also by trend, or the system itself will track your position and suggest local stations.


During playback, the album cover and the name of the group (singer) are displayed for each song. In addition, it is possible to add a radio widget for Android to the desktop, which is very convenient, and when listening to music under the curtain, you can see brief information about the composition and playback control.

List of stations Listening to a track Listening in the background Notification panel

You can also choose the playback quality, this function will come in handy if you do not have enough Internet speed, or, on the contrary, you want to increase the quality.

Selecting the playback quality

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Internet radio for Android: Video

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