Google wants to make Chrome for Android even more user-friendly

Despite the apparent gluttony of Google Chrome, it is still one of the most user-friendly browsers I've used. A logical interface, support for extensions, integration with a Google account and general intuitiveness keep those who have started using it at least once. However, the browser version matters. If you use a desktop, then most likely you have no complaints about its convenience. But with mobile things are not the best way. Affects the outdated interface layout, focused on compact smartphones and completely unsuitable for modern phablets. Fortunately, Google remembered this too.

Google wants to make Chrome for Android even more user-friendly

Google Chrome for Android will become more convenient. At least that's what Google wants

Google decided to redesign Google Chrome for Android, slightly changing the layout of the interface elements. The company is already testing an updated version of the browser, which is thus planned to be made more convenient for owners of large smartphones.

Google Chrome update for Android

It was decided to start with the keys for switching between running tabs, which were shifted to the bottom of the screen, placing them right under the fingers. It doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing, but now you don't have to reach the top of the screen to switch to another page.

Google wants to make Chrome for Android even more user-friendly

The button for switching between tabs has long asked for down

I don’t know about you, but for me it has always been a big problem. Despite the fact that my hands are not the smallest, the 6.5-inch screen of my Honor View 20 forced me to stretch my fingers to reach the top of the screen in a way that any gymnast would envy. Now you won't have to do this, which is good news.

So far, this innovation is only available in a test version of the Chrome Canary browser. Therefore, if you are using it, you can try to activate the new version of the interface layout by going to the flags menu at chrome: // flags and looking for Conditional Strips in the list of available options. This is exactly the add-on that adds a small panel with icons of running tabs to the Chrome design.

How to set up Chrome to Android

However, if you, like me, got sick of reaching for the Chrome controls at the top of the screen, you can try making it more convenient now. To do this, you need to activate another add-on that is available as experimental functions even in the release version of the browser.

  • Start Chrome and write chrome: // flags in the address bar;
  • In the window that opens, find the Chrome Duet option;

Google wants to make Chrome for Android even more user-friendly

You can make Chrome more convenient now

  • In the drop-down box opposite, select Enabled;
  • Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.

This action will move some of the Chrome controls to the bottom of the screen. Here you will see the home buttons, search buttons and a multitasking menu, by clicking on which a screen with all open tabs is launched. Yes, the browser does not allow moving the search bar down, but this is unnecessary. The search button replaces it perfectly. Clicking on it allows you to enter a search term or site name to go to it directly. This is much more convenient than reaching with your fingers to the top of the screen, risking dropping the smartphone from your hands.

For all its shortcomings, Chrome can be customized to be truly comfortable to use. I personally did so and now I don't even think about switching to competitors. After all, the main thing to remember is that if there are no features in Chrome, most likely they are, you just looked for them badly. Typically, Google hides them in an experimental section called the flags menu. If you want, you can simply open it, find the name of the function you need and enable it.

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