Google unveils massive Google Maps update

Many services that we use today can easily claim to be called a part of our life. After all, do not be at hand, it is difficult to imagine how we would manage without them at all. Take the same Google with which we find the information we need. At some point, he even inspired many of us that there is no need to read books, if you can take and find all this on the Internet at any time. This process even has its own term – google. However, on one search engine alone, the world has not converged like a wedge, because there is also Google Maps.

Google unveils massive Google Maps update

Google Maps received an update in honor of its 15th anniversary

It's hard to believe, but today Google Maps is exactly 15 years old. Google launched it in February 2005, when many probably didn't have the internet yet. During this time, Google Maps has developed to such an extent that today it is considered the standard of a mapping service, which competitors like Apple Maps, TomTom or OpenStreetMap are not even suitable for. To reaffirm the superiority of its product, Google has released a major anniversary update that includes a redesign and several new features.

How the Google Maps logo changed

First of all, you should pay attention to the logo of the Google Maps application for Android, which now looks different than before. Google redrawn it from scratch, removing the intersection of routes in the background and leaving only a pin, which is usually used to indicate a specific location. True, now it is not painted in red, but in Google's corporate colors (red, blue, blue, yellow and green). It is unlikely that this will play any meaning for users, but in this way the developers emphasized the importance of the update.

The interior design of Google Maps has also undergone changes. Now, at the bottom of the screen, to the 'What's Nearby?', 'Regularly' tabs, 'News' has been added to find reviews of establishments and advice from local experts on where to visit, and 'Add', which allows you to add places that are not on the map. pictures and other data. And instead of the 'For you' option, the 'Saved' option appeared. The result is no longer a cartographic service, but a real platform that provides the ability to quickly and conveniently explore familiar and unfamiliar places.

Public transport in Google Maps

Google unveils massive Google Maps update

Google redesigned the Google Maps interface

However, Google didn't stop there. The developers of the company, given the importance of public transport for most regions, decided to expand the function of its tracking. Google Maps will now announce occupancy rates to give people an idea of ​​which mode of transport is best to use at the moment, as well as the internal microclimate. This way, users will be able to understand what is better to wear before going out, depending on where they are going and how much time they will spend in transport, which can be both hot and cold. This and many other data will be formed on the basis of feedback from users themselves, by analogy with information about traffic jams, speed limits, etc.

Google unveils massive Google Maps update

Google Maps is no longer a mapping service, but a complete platform for exploring the world

Well, and, of course, the Live View function, which appeared in Google Maps in 2019 and was intended to help in orientation by indicating directions in AR, did not go unnoticed. True, the matter was limited to only one attention. The developers have promised to continue improving this feature in the future, starting to test new features over the next few months. However, what exactly these features will be and when they will appear in the release version of Google Maps, it was not said.

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