Google unveils major 'Google Photos' update

Google Photos is one of the coolest Google services. Not only does it allow you to store photos in high quality for free, it also represents a smart and very understandable directory, in which it is very convenient to search for previously saved images. It is especially cool that the service itself recognizes faces, events and locations and groups photographs of specific people, animals and phenomena. It is enough to write in the search 'Vacation 2019', 'Turkey' or 'Tuzik', and smart algorithms will find all the matches. But it turns out Google Photos can be made even better.

Google unveils major 'Google Photos' update

Google has released a Google Photos update that makes the service better

Google has released a major 'Google Photos' (download) update for Android, redesigning the app and extending its functionality.

Google Photos update

The first thing that catches your eye is not so much the redrawn interface that has become even simpler and easier, but the changed number of tabs at the bottom. Now there are three of them, not four as before. Google hid the 'For You' tab from the home page, moving it to the 'Memories' section. Therefore, three main sections are now available on the main screen: 'Photos', where all pictures and videos are stored in chronological order, 'Find', which replaced the search bar at the top, and 'Library', which plays the role of the deceased 'Albums' tab.

Google unveils major 'Google Photos' update

Google Photos update turned out to be large-scale, although it is imperceptible at first glance

Despite the apparent consistency and intuitiveness of the previous interface layout, the new combination will make the use of 'Google Photos' more convenient. This is because the Find tab now contains a lot of new search tools. Firstly, icons of people, animals and events that were captured in photos and videos will be available here. Secondly, it became possible to search by cities that you have visited. And thirdly, a special map has appeared, which will display the pictures taken by you in different cities and countries.

In general, Google has done a very good job on the interactive component of the interface. This is clearly seen in the example of how, as you scroll through the photos in the 'Find' tab, the points move around the map, indicating the origin of the frame. Not that it’s very important, but sometimes it’s interesting to see where you’re getting carried away. This feature will be especially relevant for travelers who are constantly moving, and then cannot find a picture from a specific area.

Why are stories needed?

Google unveils major 'Google Photos' update

The role of stories will be strengthened in the 'Photos' tab. These are small videos or collections of stitched photographs that relate to the same event. They will be located at the top of the screen and remind you of something from your past. In fact, it is a very convenient thing, because I myself never leaf through my old photos, which have already accumulated several thousand, but this format of reminders about events that have taken place allows me to feel a little nostalgic and remember the moments that I managed to forget.

Although Google has already released the update, it is rolling out gradually and may not be available to some users. This is done in order to be able to recall the update in case of any problems in the work of the innovations. However, if everything goes smoothly, it is obvious that the update will reach you in the next 5-7 days. Well, if you don't want to wait and you can't wait to try out the new features of 'Google Photos', download the APK file of the service from here and install it on your smartphone. It will replace the original application and will update as before.

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