Google has suspended the release of updates for its products

Not a day goes by when a message appears about a new closed border or a canceled event. All this is due to the coronavirus raging in the world. News is sometimes more like reports from the front of hostilities. We will have to live in such a world for a while. It would seem that you sit at home and enjoy online, including our website, but no. Here, too, difficulties arise. This is due to the lack of employees, and after the transfer of the creation and production of the series, the restrictions are imposed on the Google Chrome updates. How can this be if the release has never been delayed? And most importantly, when will the updates start coming out?

Google has suspended the release of updates for its products

Updates to this browser have always been important.

Google Chrome updates

For several years now, Google Chrome has been receiving updates with enviable consistency. As a result, users get new, new and new functions. This happens every six weeks and the deviations usually did not exceed a couple of days. In general, the schedule was kept and it was very pleasant.

Following this frequency, updates began to be released for Chrome OS. That was nice too, since that speed is fast enough to be safe. Well, of course, users knew when it would be possible to roll out a new product.

Google has suspended the release of updates for its products

Sometimes Google Chrome updates were fresh.

Now, due to a global epidemic or, more simply, a pandemic, this mechanism has broken down. True, there is one “but”. Users will still be safe. Only browser updates will stop, but the security fixes will not be affected. We can say that the company has reduced resource costs in difficult conditions, but not to the detriment of the most important thing – safety.

Information that changes are coming has appeared on the Chrome Releases blog.

'Due to the adjusted schedules, we are currently suspending future releases of Chrome and Chrome OS. Our main goals are to ensure that they remain stable, safe and reliable for all who depend on them. We will continue to prioritize any security updates that will be included in Chrome 80 '.

When was the Google Chrome update due?

The beta version of Google Chrome 81 was released last month, but it is not destined to become fully functional. Initially, its release was supposed to take place the day before yesterday – March 17, 2020. If it came out today or tomorrow, no one would have noticed the deviation from the schedule, but with its statement, Google made it clear that the version was not ready at all. Apparently, she stopped working on it a couple of weeks ago.

There is still time until the release Chrome OS. Its release was supposed to take place on March 24, but the company's statement applies to it too. Accordingly, you shouldn't wait for the update for Chrome OS to be released either.

When is Google Chrome Update 81 coming out?

There is no exact information about this. Someone talks about quarantine periods of several weeks, while others – several months. Most forecasts in terms of no more than three months, but there can be no exact certainty about this.

Google has suspended the release of updates for its products

Security updates will continue to be released. Don't worry about that.

First of all, it is impossible to say with certainty due to the fact that the coronavirus, which is now spreading across the planet, does not even think to stop. It infects several thousand people every day. Their number has already reached 215,000, with almost more than 8,700 dead.

A vaccine could help in stopping it, but so far only what is known about it is that it is being dealt with. When she will be ready, it is not at all clear. Considering how long it takes for clinical trials, we will have a long wait.

Most likely, the work process of large companies will be able to optimize and adapt to the remote work of employees, but this also takes time. At the same time, it seems to me that the stable release of updates will begin even before the end of the pandemic.

Why employees are transferred to homework

Every person in every city on the way to work is in close contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people in transport. With tens or hundreds he contacts in the office. There are also people with whom the contact is as close as possible – handshakes, meeting at the cooler, handing over documents, elevator buttons, and the like. In general, we should not be afraid of the virus, but of people who are indifferent to it. Our colleague Alexander Bogdanov proved this by his example.

There is an R0 indicator that determines the estimated number of people who will become infected after contact with an infected patient. For some diseases, like measles, it is 12-14. For the coronavirus, R0 is “only” 2.2-4.6. And even if it is relatively small, the risks are still very large and in this situation it is better to play it safe.

This reinsurance inevitably leads to disruptions in corporate communications. Of course, there are messengers, video communication and other means of communication, but they are not always effective. Sometimes it is much easier to just turn around and talk to a person, rather than conduct a half-hour correspondence. Plus, no one canceled the general meetings, which became even more difficult in the conditions of working from home.

When everything is working out, we will get updates, presentations, conferences and everything else that we are so used to. For now, you just have to wait and be patient.

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