Google has supported smartphones for Android longer than Apple its iPhone

Lack of updates, or so be it, the irregularity with which they come out, has always been a scourge Android – smartphones. Well, in any case, the overwhelming majority of users think so, with envy looking aside iPhone, which Apple has been updating for at least four years. After all, if I pay for the flagship Samsung exactly as much as the flagship iPhone, why can't I qualify for a comparable period of software support? At first glance, this is a perfectly fair claim, but upon closer examination, it turns out quite the opposite.

Google has supported smartphones for Android longer than Apple its iPhone

Update methodology Android – smartphones are harder and better than iOS

Not that I was going to refute the update dates iPhone, which receive new versions iOS for four, or even five years, just Android with updates, not everything as bad as the enlightened public thinks. It is important to understand here that the approaches Apple and Google are very different, and because of this, many people create an erroneous perception of reality, which turns out to be much more prosaic.

Updates Android

Google has supported smartphones for Android longer than Apple its iPhone

iPhone without updates iOS – a completely useless smartphone, unlike devices on Android

Let's remember how Apple updates their smartphones? Each new version contains a huge number of innovations, simply because the company needs to cover both the interface and functionality, and applications that do not receive intermediate updates. For example, to fix a bug in FaceTime, Apple releases a system update that changes the build number. Even if there are no other problems and iOS works perfectly, it simply does not allow developers to make changes to only one application.

On Android, things are completely different. Every Google application, even those that are mandatory preinstalled on all smartphones without exception, can be updated regardless of the operating system. Google Play services, augmented reality engines, and accessibility tools are all self-contained components. Despite the fact that work Android is unthinkable without them, Google can release a fresh patch for any of them at any time. This separation allows not only to respond in a timely manner to detected bugs, but also to support seemingly outdated smartphones for years.

How Google supports Android

Maybe I'll open America for you, but even 5 and 6 year old smartphones running Android are getting Google Play updates. As a result, both Android 10 and Android 4.4 have the same formatted catalog, which is simply not the case for Apple. After all, in order to get the App Store update, users iOS would have to install a new version of the operating system. It turns out that they simply have no choice, and if I want to have access to the redrawn app store, I willy-nilly have to tolerate the bugs that invariably accompany each new version iOS.

Long-term support iOS, which is so widely known, is actually a kind of cover for Apple. After all, everyone iPhone, whose support has already ended, is considered dead. You cannot install new applications on it, it does not have access to fresh functions. At the same time, any, even the most seedy Android smartphone, conditionally devoid of operating system updates, continues to remain relevant, because its actual support will last for a very long time, even if it is not obvious to someone.

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