Google has released a major update to Gmail. Wish it was for everyone

Despite the fact that Google calmly looks at the fact that most smartphones on Android are supported frankly mediocre, the company fulfills its part of the obligations quite well. Not a week goes by without her own services receiving another update. True, even in this there is some kind of selectivity. Google Play and Google Chrome are updated noticeably more often than, say, Google Maps or 'Google Messages'. But in the anti-rating of support, no doubt, the leader is the mail service Gmail, updates to which rarely get, but aptly.

Google has released a major update to Gmail.  Wish it was for everyone

Gmail has been revamped to become a truly cool and versatile service

Google today announced another Gmail update. Perhaps, in terms of the scale of innovation, the service has never received such significant changes. The developers have redesigned not only the external design of the application and changed the arrangement of the controls, but also expanded its functionality. Gmail now integrates services such as Google Docs, Chat, Meet, Rooms, Google Calendar, Sheets and Slides.

Updating Gmail

As you can see in the presented images, some of the services have become key for Gmail, in fact, turning it into a universal tool for communication. Call buttons for Chat, Rooms and Meet services for organizing audio, video and text broadcasts are located at the bottom of the interface. Thanks to this, users who need to get in touch will be able to instantly call a conference and discuss working moments.

For now, the Gmail update is only available to corporate users who subscribe to paid plans for G Suite. However, most likely, in the foreseeable future, the update will reach everyone else, albeit in a somewhat simplified format. It is obvious that ordinary users do not need integration with Rooms, Chat, Sheets and other services. But the presence of Google Meet, access to which has recently become free, will clearly not be superfluous. Therefore, I would suggest that Google will simplify the update a little from a functional point of view and release it to the public release.

The best service for communication

As it is now, Gmail has clearly stepped into a new stage of development. Now it is a very beautiful and convenient service, which language cannot be called simply mail. Thanks to the redesign, Gmail has really become more convenient, because it has acquired additional features for interacting with interlocutors. That is, users no longer have to switch between different services, but perform all the necessary manipulations, including file exchange, voice and video communication from one place. In general, it turned out very cool.

Google has released a major update to Gmail.  Wish it was for everyone

I would like to believe that Gmail in this form will reach ordinary users.

The redesigned Gmail is an integrated workspace designed to bring together all of the main communication and collaboration tools into a single service. Special attention should be paid to the depth of mutual integration of various means of communication, which was carried out by the developers of Gmail. After all, now chats, video calls and voice communication have united within the framework of the e-mail service, bringing its capabilities to a qualitatively new level, – said the head of Gmail Javier Soltero.

In fact, Google has done a really great job updating not only the mobile version of Gmail, but also the desktop one. They have surprisingly competently combined such a number of very dissimilar services. Despite their initially different nature, the company managed to very harmoniously fit one into the other, having received a complex tool at the output, which, firstly, can replace the abundance of working means of communication, and, secondly, which one really wants to use.

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