Google has made Google Play search normal. Finally

Despite the fact that I never really liked Google Play, I could not even formulate for myself the reasons why I did not like it. Well, you know, as they say, criticize – offer. So I could not offer anything sensible, but I regularly expressed my dissatisfaction with the official app store of the search giant. Nevertheless, every time Google released another update, gradually transforming Google Play from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, I roughly understood what I was missing. It happened this time too.

Google has made Google Play search normal.  Finally

Google Play search could have gotten better for a long time, but somehow it's only getting better now

Google has expanded the search capabilities of Google Play by adding filters there. This is a very cool innovation, the usefulness of which is really difficult to overestimate. Thanks to filters, users will be able to more accurately configure search terms, which means they will receive more relevant results in the output. It will be enough just to set the necessary requirements that you make for the game or application and start searching. Google Play will select the software that meets your expectations and offer it for download.

Select app on Google Play

Google has made Google Play search normal.  Finally

Filters on Google Play are not yet available to everyone, but it's only a matter of time

In fact, there have been some kind of filters on Google Play before. Those same sections like 'Editor's Choice', 'Family Friendly' or 'Early Access' actually served as filters. However, there was no such thing to search, for example, strictly according to applications with a rating not lower than a certain one. Not to say that many were eager for such an opportunity, but, whatever one may say, it is much more convenient than flipping through an endless number of programs with a score below 3 points in order to choose 'from dirty to clean'.

Filters on Google Play

In total, there are currently three filters available that can be applied both individually and all at once:

  • By rating;
  • By the 'Editor's Choice' mark;
  • By novelty.

After applying the filters, a button with a cross appears to the left of them, which you can click to reset everything at once, and if necessary, you can simply remove each of them separately by simply clicking on the filter icon. It's a pretty handy thing. But since while Google is just testing filters, as evidenced by its limited availability, most likely the company is just looking at the demand for the innovation, being ready to either remove it altogether or expand it.

Google Play update

Google has made Google Play search normal.  Finally

Searching for apps on Google Play will be easier thanks to filters

While the update with filters is available to a very limited number of users, and you cannot install it by downloading the update in the APK file format. Google applies all the necessary changes on its servers on its own and distributes the update gradually. This is done in order to limit the number of users who have access to the innovation, as well as in order to be able to withdraw the update if something goes wrong or if Google does not like the return on the changes made.

I don’t know about you, but I really liked the idea with filters. However, in my opinion, Google needs to add at least two more add-ons to the catalog: the 'paid / free' filter and tighten the price selection scale so that the user can set the maximum and minimum limits. Indeed, as practice shows, most of us are ready to pay only a certain amount for the program we need. And if an application with desktop images costs 15-29 rubles, most likely they will buy it. But if the developer has estimated it at a fabulous 300 rubles or more, it is obvious that such a purchase can only be agreed by chance. Filters do a great job of solving this problem by simply cutting off the unnecessary.

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