Google CEO admitted he wants to continue working with Apple

It is generally accepted that Apple and Google are bitter enemies. After all, each of them is fighting for influence in the market of operating systems, services and even electronic devices. Someone does it better, someone worse, but the very fact of competition is obvious. However, in the modern world, the concepts of 'competition' and 'partnership' are not mutually exclusive, and therefore even opposing parties may well cooperate on separate issues. That, in fact, happens from time to time on mutually beneficial conditions for both of them, leaving only positive impressions on the parties.

Google CEO admitted he wants to continue working with Apple

Sundar Pichai is looking forward to working with Apple

Google would be happy to continue working with Apple on collaborative projects, as it did with the creation of a cross-platform tracking system for coronavirus patients. This was announced by the CEO of Alphabet (owns Google) Sundar Pichai. Big companies like Apple and Google, working together, can greatly help the world, he said. This is far from always obvious, even for them, but sometimes they come to a common understanding of any issue and unite so that their joint product comes out even better than it could if they worked alone.

Collaboration Apple and Google

Google CEO admitted he wants to continue working with Apple

Collaboration Apple and Google will help the world become a better place

Collaboration Apple and Google can be very beneficial to the global community. I am determined to look for common ground with Apple in the future and I am confident that Tim has the same opinion on this matter. Both companies began working independently on technologies to support the healthcare system. However, we realized very quickly that in order for everything to work well, we needed to unite. Our engineers got in touch with each other, and at some point Tim and I held negotiations and decided to work together, ”Pichai said.

In fact, the system for tracking coronavirus patients is not the first and far from the only joint project Apple and Google. Few people know, but the companies have been cooperating for many years in various fields. One of the most revealing and mutually beneficial examples of their cooperation is the integration of the Google search engine into the Safari browser. Few people attach any importance to this, but Cupertino chose this search engine for a reason and not because Google offers a good product. The reason was the money that the search giant paid Apple and continues to pay to this day for the right to remain in the same status.

Shared services Apple and Google

Google CEO admitted he wants to continue working with Apple

Not sure if Apple needs cooperation with Google that much

However, there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration between Apple and Google. Companies could well take on the development of universal messaging, video calling and data encryption services, not to mention more mundane solutions like media platforms like Apple TV +, iTunes and cloud services. Yes, neither iOS nor Android with this, with rare exceptions, are no problems, but for some reason it seems to me that if both companies took up joint development, they would have succeeded something more useful, functional and versatile in terms of distribution.

It's another matter, is all this necessary Apple? Personally, I doubt it. The Cupertino-based company is 100% satisfied with the development of its services. Although they are not available on Android, Apple is in no hurry to port them. After all, this is the hallmark of the company's proprietary ecosystem, and it would be foolish to just give it up. Therefore, it is obvious that neither FaceTime, iMessage, nor Apple TV + will appear on Android, and will remain a bait for OS users from Google until they simply switch to iOS.

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