Google Camera App with Portrait Mode Released for Inexpensive Android

The Google Camera app has long been considered the reference solution for Android smartphones. Support for night mode, high-quality portraits and advanced image stabilization algorithms – all this made it really the best, because no one else could offer the same high-quality implementation of all these functions. The only downside to 'Google Camera' was the limited compatibility with Pixel smartphones only. Recently, however, the developers of the search giant got an insight, and they decided that it was time to present a separate version of the application for inexpensive devices, forced to be content with rather mediocre solutions for photo and video shooting.

Google Camera App with Portrait Mode Released for Inexpensive Android

Google Camera is now available on smartphones with Android Go. True, in a truncated form

Camera Go is a simplified version of the original 'Google Camera' and, as the name probably suggests, only targets smartphones running Android Go. These are ultra-budget devices with a small amount of RAM – usually 1 GB – and quite passable characteristics. Because of this, the usual versions of programs on them do not work in the best way, but Google has created a special line of applications with the Go prefix, which it managed to facilitate as much as possible and make it literally fly on a par with the flagships. But back to Camera Go.

Camera Go's interface is designed in the same style as 'Google Camera'. However, the arrangement of some elements is slightly different. For example, the shutter button is located slightly higher – above the mode switch bar. Nevertheless, like the original, Camera Go is not just an add-on, like most camera applications, but is deeply integrated into the operating system and literally squeezes all the juices out of the photographic module. As a result, the output is really high-quality photos, including in portrait mode. It's a pity that the Night Shift mode, which brightens the frame, was not delivered.

At one time for the 'Google Camera' the developers of the Google company have designed a special two-pixel system for estimating the depth of the frame, when each pixel was divided in two and as if perceived the image from different angles, creating a kind of parallax effect. That is, in fact, the camera took not one picture, but two, and then combined them with each other to obtain volume and the subsequent blurring of the background behind the subject. Thanks to this, it was possible to take portrait photos with a single camera. Camera Go works the same way.

Google Camera App with Portrait Mode Released for Inexpensive Android Google Camera App with Portrait Mode Released for Inexpensive Android

What Google managed to do is really cool, because until now, users of smartphones based on Android Go perceived them mainly as dialers, because there could be no talk of any photography. Well, in the end, what will happen with an 8 megapixel camera and a matrix with a mosquito's eye? It is clear that with such a set, it was already for happiness if the photo turned out at least not overexposed or out of focus. However, Camera Go, through advanced software algorithms, will be able not only to unleash the potential of cameras in budget devices, but even to embellish them.

By introducing Camera Go, Google essentially gave users around the world a good reason to buy a smartphone on Android Go. It is clear that from the second phone, for the role of which they are usually purchased, rarely anyone requires outstanding photographic capabilities. However, for children, retirees and not the most picky users, the opportunity to take high-quality photography will at least not be superfluous. Soon Camera Go will be available on Google Play and those who use compatible smartphones will be able to evaluate it personally.

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