Google accidentally let it slip when it officially releases Android 11

This year Android 11 had to face several difficulties at once. First, Google was forced to postpone the launch of the test version for a whole month due to the fact that the final stage of development was carried out remotely, and then postponed it again, but this time due to protests in the United States. As a result, the first beta Android 11 came out with a delay of almost a month and a half. And if so, it was logical to assume that the update will arrive in the release with about the same delay. After all, Google cannot catch up with the deadline by reducing the beta testing program. Or can it still be?

Google accidentally let it slip when it officially releases Android 11

Android 11 will be released without delay. Likely

Yesterday, Google posted a video on Android 11 on its channel, which clearly stated that the official launch of the update will take place without delay, despite the previous problems. The company announced that the beta test will last a total of 11 weeks, and the update will be released on September 8th. That is, at about the same time as all previous OS updates were released. This means that Google decided to shorten the beta testing program by more than a month in order to meet the deadlines set by itself.

When will Android 11 come out

Google accidentally let it slip when it officially releases Android 11

Beta testing Android 11 will last 11 weeks. Very symbolic

If Google really intends to shorten the beta test and release Android 11 in early September, it could be a frustrating problem for users. After all, the essence of the program of preliminary tests of the update is, firstly, to identify all the existing shortcomings, and, secondly, to give developers time to fix them. In the case of Android 11, Google users and developers are actually deprived of a whole month, during which system bugs and vulnerabilities could have been identified and fixed.

Obviously, Google is in a hurry, because postponing the release of Android 11 can be fraught with a decrease in market share, violation of contracts with partners who are waiting for the update release, and other related problems. Another thing is that the publication of the video could well have happened by accident. Indeed, just a few hours ago, even before the release of this material, Google removed the video from its channel. Most likely, its publication was to take place a little later. But there is another version, which is that this video contains misinformation.

Is it worth the wait Android 11

Google accidentally let it slip when it officially releases Android 11

It is possible that Android 11 will not be released on September 8, and the video was published by accident

See for yourself. Obviously, all videos on Android 11 were prepared in advance. Perhaps even before Google decided to postpone the launch of the test version of the update. Therefore, it is possible that the company simply did not have time to make changes to the video about the actual timing of the release of the new OS version. And in order not to instill false hopes in users and partners from among the manufacturers who are waiting for Android 11, Google decided to simply delete the video and publish it later, but with changes.

However, most users should not care exactly when Android 11 will be released, because on the day of release, only the owners of Google Pixel smartphones will receive the update, and even then not all. Even the flagships Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei will be able to update only much later – approximately in October-November, because manufacturers will have to optimize updates, adjusting them to the characteristics of their devices running on the basis of proprietary firmware. other than pure Android.

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