CEO Huawei admits HarmonyOS is not a competitor Android

I have never been a fan Huawei and, moreover, until a certain point I had no business with her branded products. However, the conflict with the United States aroused my genuine interest, and I thought it would be great if Huawei launches its replacement operating system Android. After a while, it turned out that way – the Chinese presented HarmonyOS and, although they made several completely inconsistent and contradictory statements about the further development of the platform, they still made it clear that now this is their priority project. But after several months of lull it turned out that everything is not so simple.

CEO Huawei admits HarmonyOS is not a competitor Android

HarmonyOS is no longer a competitor Android. Officially.

Although HarmonyOS will gain support for smartphones in the next few years, it will not be able to compete with Android and iOS. This statement was made by CEO Huawei Ren Zhenfei in an interview with the South China Morning Post. According to him, the company's new operating system is a kind of response to US bans and is not intended to compete with platforms Apple and Google. It's just that Huawei thought about the development of its own OS too late, and therefore did not leave itself a chance to gain a foothold in this market.

When will HarmonyOS replace Android

CEO Huawei admits HarmonyOS is not a competitor Android

HarmonyOS was supposed to replace Android on smartphones Huawei, but now it's questionable

Huawei was very late with the launch of HarmonyOS, because in the current situation it will be extremely difficult to bypass the operating systems Apple and Google, which have long divided this market among themselves. The problem is aggravated by the fact that users are very fond of iOS and Android, and are unlikely to be happy if we deprive them of the opportunity to use the familiar OS on our devices. In principle, you can try, but it may take too long. I think 300 years will definitely be enough for us, ”Ren Zhenfei joked.

In fact, Zhenfei's position is very sane and as objective as possible. Still, trying to compete with iOS and Android in HarmonyOS, which does not even have a smartphone version, clearly will not work. For everything to work out, the Chinese had to launch their own platform at least 10 years ago, when the market redistribution was not over yet. At that moment Huawei was just starting her journey, and therefore she did not risk anything, but for the same reason she chose Android as the main OS in order to attract as many users as possible.

Huawei to Android

CEO Huawei admits HarmonyOS is not a competitor Android

The creation of an ecosystem Huawei within Android is a logical way out of this situation

On the other hand, the admission of the CEO Huawei in the inability to compete with Apple and Google, in fact, means that he signed his own impotence. After all, when Zhenfei, with a blue eye, told how HarmonyOS would help Huawei become a world leader, I believed, and obviously many believed. It is for this reason that some of the existing users of the brand's smartphones purchased them, because they hoped that from day to day they will face the triumph of the Chinese vendor, which is about to launch its own operating system that will be better in everything Android. But it did not grow together.

What to do now? Personally, I think that Huawei will still release HarmonyOS for smartphones, but realizing that it does not intend to take any significant share in the market for mobile operating systems, it will not develop it too willingly. As a result, most likely, only a few experimental devices of the company will work on the basis of this platform, which, probably, will not even reach Russia. The Chinese will focus on building their own ecosystem within the framework of Android, especially since they are good at something.

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