Why I find Samsung the best smartphones at Android

We write a lot about Samsung and its products. A lot, and some of our readers even reproach it in the comments. They can be understood, because in addition to Galaxy smartphones, there are a huge number of other wonderful devices that are much better in something. Take smartphones from OnePlus or Xiaomi. Many people remember that the South Korean company Samsung has not been doing very well lately. Nevertheless, there is every reason to believe that Samsung is the king Android of smartphones, and here's why.

Why I find Samsung the best smartphones at Android

I think Samsung smartphones are the best

How Samsung smartphones have changed

Galaxy devices had flaws at first. The company's flagships practically did not change in appearance, and this affected sales. TouchWiz at one time was named the heaviest and slowest user interface for Android, and the company's profit fell sharply. I had a Galaxy S4 and its interface was a real disaster, so I switched to an iPhone in due time.

Why I find Samsung the best smartphones at Android

Galaxy S4 served me for years, but annoyed with OS design

All of this does not sound so sad anymore, because the company has managed to cope with all these shortcomings. TouchWiz has been updated, and this has changed a lot, including for the owners of last year's flagships of the company.

Now no one really remembers about TouchWiz. Perhaps because Samsung has done a lot of work not only on the filling, which allows smartphones to please its users, but also changed the appearance of the operating system in Android 10, finally making it light and welcoming. This may not be appreciated by those who believe in energy saving thanks to dark colors on AMOLED – screens, but everyone else is just happy about the changes. Not all manufacturers have managed to improve their interface for Android, and Samsung has coped with this task.

Samsung Smartphone Design

In terms of appearance, the Galaxy S20 can be easily distinguished from other smartphones from the company. Moreover, the device looks so good that I would give this smartphone a belt for the best design. It may seem that Samsung is once again inspired by the company's solutions Apple. So what? Even so, Samsung has taken the best of iPhone X and the best of tablets iPad with a screen with minimal bezels. The result is what makes iPhone 11 and other companies' flagship smartphones look cheap compared to the Galaxy S20.

Why I find Samsung the best smartphones at Android

Samsung is clearly inspired by the design of iPhones. So what?

Samsung uses the latest 7nm processors for its flagships – the Snapdragon 865 for the US version and the Exynos 990 for the international. The latter has proven to be powerful and energy efficient. It is considered by many colleagues to be the best mobile processor today, at least until Qualcomm shows something new.

Why Choose Samsung

There are also a lot of little things worth mentioning. For example, Samsung was one of the first to start massively using 5G in its smartphones. Samsung is doing an excellent job of updating its devices so that even Galaxy S8 owners can always get the latest software on time. I don't know yet how much the company will manage to make with the Galaxy S20, but it seems that users will thank the company with their money to a sufficient extent.

We'll see what happens next, but so far, it just doesn't turn out to be a bad year for Samsung. The company managed to show its novelty even before the coronavirus pandemic took on a fierce nature.

Samsung competitors

The closest competitor – Huawei, things are worse, and not only because of the situation in the world, but also because of problems with Google services. So Samsung still managed to show the Z Flip – a foldable smartphone with a horizontal folding mechanism, similar to the Motorola Razr. Samsung has used a special hinge in the new product, allowing the phone to be used in an intermediate state for selfies and easier navigation. You can, for example, launch one application on one half of the screen, and another on the other. Its cool! Alternatively, you can use the other half as a trackpad. I would take, but a little expensive now. OnePlus is also unclear what it is doing right now – I suppose they are deliberately leaking OnePlus 8 renders to the network to stir up interest in its new product.

Why I find Samsung the best smartphones at Android

The steep return of the 'clamshell'

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