Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Probably the most famous mobile games are Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Without exaggeration, they have tens of millions of fans all over the world, and they even host competitions that gather many players on one playing field. But how do these games differ from each other? Are they really the same and there is no difference between them? Why, then, do some users choose Fortnite while others choose PUBG? An uninitiated user will say that they are one and the same, but in fact there are much more differences between these games than meets the eye. In this article, I will name ten major differences between these popular games.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

These are probably two of the most famous mobile games today.

Battle Royale Games

The genre in which Fortnite and PUBG Mobile are featured is called “Battle Royale” or “Battle Royale”. Sometimes these games are also called “All against all”, but this is not very common.

The games we are talking about today can be safely considered the main thing that happened in this genre. Yes, back in 2013 there was ShootMania, and a little later WarZ, but it was Fortnite and PUBG Mobile that breathed new life into this genre. Before them, there was simply no such interest in “Last man standing” (another name of the genre).

Of course, the comparison between Fortnite and PUBG cannot clearly determine which game is better, since many of the differences are taste-based, but both games are great and judging by their speed of updating, it will only get better.

Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile comparison

For comparison, I have selected the main ten parameters by which these games differ. In order not to stretch the story for long hours (this is possible with these games), I will tell only the main points, but this will be enough to make a choice in favor of one or another game. Of course, if you haven't had time to try them yourself.

Visual effects

Both Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile are fully consistent with their PC versions, and their main visual differences remain.

Fortnite's approach is more cartoonish. Everything is bright and colorful, as if you are inside a film. Some weapons are realistic, but others look like they crawled out of the Looney Tunes universe.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Landing in PUBG is much more realistic than in Fortnite.

In the first thirty seconds of the game, you immediately understand the main difference between the games. In PUBG Mobile, players parachute from a cargo plane to huge islands with military bases and power plants. In Fortnite, players jump from a bus tied to a massive hot air balloon, braking their fall with an umbrella or futuristic glider.


In both games, you land on a large island with 99 other opponents. You need to collect weapons and other equipment to fight until there is only one left.

The play area is gradually getting smaller and smaller, forcing the rest of the players to get closer to each other. So it turns out to give the game more dynamics, so as not to stretch it over time. The area outside the playable area deals constant damage and should be avoided at all costs. PUBG additionally limits the play area to red zones, where bombs fall from the sky, which instantly kill any player outside the cover.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Fortnite has a lot more hand-drawn graphics than PUBG.

The realism of PUBG is much higher. These are just skirmishes in which someone will definitely die. In Fortnite, things are a little different. In this game, you can build structures using the collected resources. However, building in Fortnite Mobile is much more difficult than building on PC.

As a result, most people play PUBG more cautiously, hiding behind trees or bushes. Unlike Fortnite, where the gameplay is more expressive. Although, and so you can play carefully, but any structure can be destroyed and you have to move a lot to survive.


The controls between these two games will be significantly better in PUBG. There are several built-in control schemes with the ability to fully customize them to your liking.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Many people like the controls in PUBG.

Fortnite has added some tweaks to the controls too, but the default options leave a lot to be desired. This is partly due to the more complex nature of the game, but also due to specific design features.

For example, to build anything in Fortnite, you must first enter Build Mode. This will take you out of combat, and while you can still shoot, you won't be able to swap weapons, reload, or use the scope.

Luckily, both games added controller support, so any compatible controller Bluetooth should work. The other day I already talked about the best controllers for a smartphone.


One of the main differences between Fortnite and PUBG is how much the mobile versions relate to the desktop versions. PUBG Mobile is developed separately from the PC version, and Fortnite for mobile is essentially the same as other versions of it.

Player accounts, progress, skins and the like are shared across platforms on Fortnite, so no matter where you play, you will have the same items. Players can even play alongside their friends on Xbox, PS4, Switch, or PC right from their mobile device.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Both games work on a huge number of smartphones and tablets.

However, due to the peculiarities of the game and the fact that the players are selected according to the type of devices they use, less than 100 real players participate in each round, and here's why.


PUBG Mobile's decision to include bots in Battle Royale was certainly controversial, but it's also one of the main things that set it apart from Fortnite.

The first few matches of a player involve ten to twenty people, and the rest of the game is filled with bots. Even after you've had several games under your belt, don't expect more than half of your opponents to be alive.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Don't be happy ahead of time. Perhaps bots were playing against you.

Fortnite initially did not have bots, but they have recently been added. This was a somewhat controversial decision, but it makes some sense. So you can give the person the opportunity to practice. Bots won't act too harshly like real players. If the beginner fails, he may lose interest. Therefore, you first need to give him the opportunity to do something right.

Maps and game modes

One of the main differences between Fortnite and PUBG is the number of maps and game modes they offer. Fortnite uses the same map as the PC version, which changes slightly as the game progresses.

Fortnite's map changes with each new season, often adding or removing entire areas. This keeps the gameplay fresher and keeps the game from getting boring for a long time.

However, Fortnite sometimes offers additional game modes that are limited in time. They liven up the game a little and disappear before they get bored. Thus, a constant interest in the game is maintained.

Instead, PUBG offers several different maps – Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok. PUBG Mobile also has a mobile-only arcade mode with fewer players to cut down on match times. Players do not always have the opportunity to devote several tens of minutes to a full-fledged battle.

Moving around the map

Both games give players the ability to quickly move around the map, but they do it in different ways. PUBG Mobile gives you more real-world possibilities that you can find in everyday life. For this, cars and motorcycles are placed throughout the map. They can explode after taking too much damage and use up gas when traveling long distances.

Fortnite takes a different approach. In addition to vehicles such as golf carts and quads, Fortnite also has items that can increase your character's speed and distance, such as platforms that launch your character into the air to move around the map faster.

Both games also have an auto-move feature to get some rest. But then again, crossing open fields in PUBG Mobile is much more dangerous than in Fortnite, so be careful.

Auto match is also similar in the two games. You have the opportunity to pick up weapons, items and medicines to replenish supplies. Fortnite also collects building materials, while PUBG Mobile collects additional equipment for your weapons, armor, and larger backpacks.

In-game purchases

Another difference between Fortnite and PUBG is how they decided to monetize their content.

Firstly, both mobile games are completely free, and purchases do not greatly affect competitiveness and are mainly needed to change the appearance of the game. Some of this can be unlocked just by playing a lot, and some can only be bought for real money.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

In-game purchases are available in both games.

Your progress and achievements are saved inside your account, so you don't have to start over if playing on a different device.

In-game purchases are well thought out. First off, Epic Games has also put together the ideas of their community very well, so there are a lot of jokes and memes in them. And secondly, no one wants to stand out for the worse against the background of other players and as a result buys new skins.

PUBG Mobile initially opted for a more traditional in-app purchase system, but later also switched to a pass system to get more money.


PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are powered by the proven Unreal Engine 4, which was created by Epic Games (creator of Fortnite). In fact, one of the main reasons Fortnite overtook PUBG was because it can be played on much less powerful devices than PUBG. Either way, both games drain your battery very quickly.

PUBG Mobile offers good graphical settings to adapt it to almost any device. Unlike the released PC version, the mobile version is pretty well optimized. However, low-resolution textures make the game less realistic. For users with the weakest smartphones, there is also PUBG Mobile Lite, which works on almost any device.

Top 10 Differences Between PUBG and Fortnite

Despite the common platform, the performance of the game varies.

Which is better – Fortnite or PUBG Mobile?

So what's the best game to play between Fortnite and PUBG? Both games are great (and free), but offer completely different experiences for the battle royale genre.

PUBG Mobile may have been able to better adapt its gameplay to touch controls and has more maps, but Fortnite has a much deeper and more addictive gameplay that keeps fans coming back for more.

What game do you prefer? Let's discuss this in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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