Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

Last week there was news that Apple had purchased the famous Dark Sky weather app. It all ended with the fact that she had already cut it from Google Play and users Android cannot download it. Not everyone knew about this application, but it was very convenient and cross-platform. As a result, those who now want to download a weather app will be forced to look for something new. I don't often use this kind of thing, but I figured it out and picked up a good selection of the best weather apps from Google Play. Check if you have used them.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

The weather can be different, but you need to know it.

Where to check the weather on your phone

In order not to get caught in the rain, having a smartphone, you just need to look at the weather on it. There are four main ways to do this.

Many manufacturers pre-install their or partner weather apps so you don't have to search for them. If your smartphone doesn't have this, you can try looking for a widget. Very often it is added directly to the home screen and combined with the time widget. For more information, please click on the part where the temperature is displayed. The application will expand to full screen and you can see the forecast for several days and a detailed layout for the next few hours.

The third way is to use a browser. This is inconvenient, but it may work for a one-time request. If you often monitor the weather, it is better to install a separate application. Moreover, even without Dark Sky, the choice is now very good.

Weather apps for Android

You can find the application you are interested in on Google Play yourself, but I will save you from this and offer my selection. After I found these applications, I decided that I would definitely leave one of them. But I still can't decide which one. Can you tell me?

Weather Forecast app

The first application immediately turned out to be one of the best. It has it all! Weather forecast by day, weather forecast by hour, humidity, pressure and even a radar that will show where it is raining now and whether it can catch you.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

The only drawback of the application, and even then a relative one, will be that it has ads. But this is more of a common problem with third-party apps. We must pay tribute to the fact that in this case, advertising is very unobtrusive and almost not annoying. Sometimes it pops up in full screen, but usually it just hangs in the menu. And that's not often.

Probably, I like this application the most, although there is another one that also looks very good and is perfectly adapted for Russia.

Download Weather Forecast

Yandex Weather app

To check the weather on a computer, many people often watch it on Yandex. For fans of the service, there is an application. It also has ads, and you can even say that it is more intrusive than in other applications, but it is clearly grouped into blocks and does not crawl out on the whole screen. At least I didn't get out.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

The main functions are all in place. There are different types of forecasts and radar with hourly layout.

Above are notifications that you can scroll through and see what you might find useful. There is even a section in the best traditions of Yandex, where you can report that the weather does not match the specified one. I do not know if they will correct the data, but there is a hint of creating a community.

Download Yandex Weather

Gismeteo app

Gismeteo is an equally well-known and even common name. At one time, I liked this service because it was possible to look at the forecast for a long time. Not only is it not clear how long-term weather forecasts are made, but also their accuracy leaves only hope that it will come true. But, at least, he was and it was nice.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

Pressure, precipitation, wind speed, humidity … Everything is there – even the geomagnetic situation. The design is very nice and minimalistic, it's a pity there is no radar. You can only watch the weather by numbers. If you are not using something, you can turn it off. If, on the contrary, you need more information than a detailed forecast for the week, you will need to go to the site. The application has a special button for this.

Separately, I was pleased that I have never encountered advertising. There are no small banners or windows that pop out on the whole screen. This is very favorable to yourself.

Download Gismeteo

Today Weather app

This application differs from the previous ones in that it has a shareware distribution model. It can be used completely free of charge, like some other things, but some functions will be unavailable (for example, some types of radar). There will also be an advertising banner on the home page. You can subscribe for 199 rubles for six months, for 299 rubles for a year, or for 599 forever. The subscription includes disabling ads and unlocking all features.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

Otherwise, this is just a good application, like the previous ones. It has everything you need, and the interface has many settings that allow you to choose what you want.

Download Today Weather

Accuweather app

This is probably the one I like the least of the apps listed. Firstly, the interface resembles something in between a regional television and an accounting program. Also, ads are almost always visible on the screen.

Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone Five of the nicest weather apps for your phone

I included it in the rating due to the fact that many praise the accuracy of the data of this application, and it also has a news section. Maybe someone will be useful. On the other hand, if you need something more than just the weather, it is better to install the proprietary Yandex application, which has weather, news, and caller ID to fight spam. Although, it also has its flaws.

Download Accuweather

Can you trust the weather forecast

Weather forecasts are made based on a large amount of research and collected data. To do this, meteorologists have ground, air, marine and even underground sensors. All this is brought together and processed jointly by the largest weather centers in the world. One of them is located in Moscow.

Then the data is summarized and provided to consumers of this information as quickly as possible. Sometimes they differ, but this is often due to different interpretations. If you are interested in how weather forecasts are prepared and who does it, you can read my great material on this topic.

In the meantime, share your favorite applications in the comments or in the Telegram chat. It will be interesting for all of us.

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