Bug Android 10 makes smartphones freeze for no reason

As far back as I can remember, Android has never been a particularly problematic platform. Yes, earlier, when flagship smartphones had 1-2 GB of RAM, and their hardware was based on processors that today are not even installed in smart sockets, Android did not have a high level of performance. But there was no such thing as to suffer from an abundance of serious bugs that interfere with work, even as an exception. Nevertheless, Android 10 turned out to be one of the most problematic versions of the OS, as I have already seen Xiaomi, and now everyone else is facing it.

Bug Android 10 makes smartphones freeze for no reason

Does your smartphone hang on Android 10? You are not alone

In Android 10 there is a hidden bug that leads to the freezing of an application, and with it the whole system 'hangs up'. That is, at this moment it is impossible to close the program or do other manipulations with the device, and therefore the only thing that remains for the user who is faced with this problem is to wait until Android postpones and regains control over the situation. Of course, you can try to hard turn off the smartphone, but due to the fact that the shutdown button of some models does not just stop supplying voltage to the battery, but is connected to the system that must process the command, this action is often impossible.

The application is frozen and does not collapse

Bug Android 10 makes smartphones freeze for no reason

The circle of users affected by the problem was very wide

Initially, the owners of Google Pixel smartphones reported the problem, with complaints coming from owners of different models. Therefore, it was decided to put the blame on the Pixel Launcher and Google, which is developing and updating it. However, it soon became clear that the problem has a much wider scope, and users of smartphones of various brands suffer from it – from OnePlus and Xiaomi to Samsung and Huawei, which means the cause these failures lie at the system level.

The thing that really pisses me off about my Google Pixel 4 XL is when the app freezes and blocks the entire user interface. At this moment, everything becomes unavailable: the notification curtain, the gesture to return to the desktop, and everything else. Sometimes the system takes over the situation and the interface is defrosting, while the application itself remains 'hanging', and sometimes both begin to work. I have no idea what the matter is, but it seems that a little more and I will not stand it, – wrote one of the users.

Android frozen

Bug Android 10 makes smartphones freeze for no reason

When the smartphone freezes, you can neither exit the application nor do anything else

According to the owners of the affected devices, the problem manifests itself quite often. That is, spontaneous freezes of applications along with the system are not one-time, but occur quite regularly, “hanging” the smartphone for a minute, two, and sometimes even five. In this state, the device plays the role of a brick and is not capable of performing any manipulations at all. At the same time, his screen is on and cannot even turn off. As a consequence, if the freeze lasts longer than usual, it may even be discharged, since no one knows when Android will change its mind and take control of the situation.

The fact that the cause of the hang is precisely a system bug, and not the work of specific applications, is indicated by a wide range of software that provokes a failure. According to users, it could be anything from online store customers to the YouTube app. Moreover, as noted by many victims, this problem has existed for several months, having appeared around the time Android 10 was released. But since Google still has not fixed it, it means that the company simply does not know about the bug, or does not know what to do with it, and this is sad, because it is even in the beta version Android 11 and no ways to fix it have been found yet.

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